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JULY 22, 2018



"The Real South Africa"

"Obama is Fanning the Flames of White Genocide"

with Dr. Harry Booyens


About Dr. Harry Booyens

Harry Booyens is an internationally recognized, multiple award winning PhD Defense & Aerospace physicist. Originally from South Africa, with a 360-year bloodline in that country, he lives with his family on the forested slopes outside Vancouver, Canada. His life as a scientist exposed him to many of the realities of the Cold War and the period immediately following the Fall of the Berlin Wall. It included interaction with the United States and British defense establishment. He applies his lifetime of research and interpretive skills to History and Genealogy, and writes with factual accuracy and engaging style on these subjects. Hard evidence is a trademark of his work and has won him a number of awards. He focuses on  making Americans aware of what is happening in South Africa, the historic parallels between the two countries, and the warning that South Africa holds for Western Civilization in general and the United States of America in particular.

His Book (details below): AmaBhulu - The Birth and Death of the Second America

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AmaBhulu - The Birth and Death of the Second America


The West has finally realized that “bringing Democracy” to the Middle East and Southwest Asia is not necessarily in the best interests of Western Civilization. Radical Islam is hijacking its plans and making a mockery of Democracy itself.

In South Africa, an earlier experiment in Bestowed Democracyis failing under a burden of abuse. Much taken with its own role in undoing apartheid a full generation earlier, the West prefers to look away. It appears to treat the plight of Western people in that country as a form of required penance. In the process, it indulges what is in effect a corrupt One-Party State Kleptocracy run along the Party Congress lines of its original mentor, the defunct Soviet Union.

AmaBhulu is a view of South Africa through eyes different from those employed in fifty years of media reporting, social science, and politics. The author walks the reader from the 1652 landing of the Dutch to the present by following his own family bloodlines as example through the documented history of the country, supported by copious evidence. As settlers, soldiers, slaves, and indigenes, they farm, they fight, they triumph, and they lose. They are mercilessly impaled and massacred by savage African tyrants. They are hanged and fusilladed by an imperial overlord, and herded into concentration camps. Yet, they persevere to create a key Western Christian country; the envy of all Africa and a Cold War bulwark of the West. Eventually it falls to the author to describe the loss of his country through forces beyond his control.

Subject: Told ya!


A. some weeks ago I made it clear  to you that Obama is infatuated with South Africa and with Nelson Mandela in particular.

B. On 22 June I delivered essentially the same message to a US audience at the Red Pill Expo in Spokane. While I did describe myself to the audience as “an odd fish in strange waters”, it did not keep me from conveying to them the picture I had shared with you.


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C. What did I tell you? Today, Obama delivered the Annual Mandela Speech in South Africa on the centenary of Mandela’s birthday; always assuming Mandela knew his own birthday. Here are bits from it:

“…President Ramaphosa who you can see is inspiring new hope in this great country…”

 [ Harry: ] Let’s see, would that be by promising to take away without compensation the property of white people?

Most of Africa, including my father's homeland [He’s talking about Kenya], was under colonial rule. The dominant European powers, having ended a horrific world war just a few months after Madiba's birth, viewed this continent and its people primarily as spoils in a contest for territory and abundant natural resources and cheap labor. And the inferiority of the black race, an indifference towards black culture and interests and aspirations, was a given.”

            [Harry:] The First World War was a contest of which the spoils were Africa!?  Seriously!? In what alternative universe is he living? Let it be known that it was the South Africans who went to fight the Germans in (today’s) Tanzania, then German East Africa. See the movieShout at the Devil for fiction about that contest. The South Africans died for that and never claimed one grain of sand of the place.


            At least Obama had to comment about how bitterly he experienced the cold of the South African Prairie. Perhaps that will allow him to understand why half-naked black tribesmen did not populate that part of the country. Oh wait! That takes deductive reasoning. So Sorry!  I should know better. It is completely unreasonable to expect reason from Liberals.


            And then he states…..:


Madiba's light shone so brightly, even from that narrow Robben Island cell, that in the late '70s he could inspire a young college student on the other side of the world to reexamine his own priorities, could make me consider the small role I might play in bending the arc of the world towards justice. And when later, as a law student, I witnessed Madiba emerge from prison, just a few months, you'll recall, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, I felt the same wave of hope that washed through hearts all around the world.


            So there you have the source of the guiding inspiration in his life yet again. How many times do I have to tell Americans this?  They keep thinking he is a Communist. He’s not! He is an A-F-R-I-C-A-N-I-S-T socialist. His hero is not Martin Luther King, as with real Black Americans. His hero was a lawyer who was wisely listed as terrorist by Ronald Reagan and George Bush Senior. And his philosphical roots are in the murderous Mau Mau uprising in Kenya in the 1950s. Just watch the videos of his Kenya visits to hear it first hand. His book was NOT titled Dreams of my Mother (from corn-belt Kansas), but Dreams of my Father (from Mau Mau Kenya). This is why it is so important for Americans to stop referring to their Black fellow countrymen as “African-Americans” and to properly call them “Black Americans”. Obama is anactual African-American; his father was actually really from Africa. Hear him talk in Kenya about the first time his “name meant something”; then let the video roll a few seconds and hear him talk about his grandfather. The group his grandfather was linked to, and because of which he was detained by the British, was the Mau-Mau. The Kenyan president Obama was talking to in this clip was Uhuru ( Eng: Freedom) Kenyatta, son of Jomo Kenyatta, the Kenyan leader who was convicted by the Brits as being the leader of the Mau-Mau and who became the first president of Kenya. I grew against a backdrop of this stuff.

            It made me feel ill in 2008, watching intelligent Americans fall about intellectually trying to get their heads around something they had no experience of, and were brazenly unwilling to find out about. I guess they missed Mandela singing “Kill the whites” and his yelling “Power!!!!”[Amandla!] to a roar from his crowd. And then there were the friends he kept. For South African folks watching America trying to come to terms with Obama (and his hero Mandela) was like watching a baby play snake charmer with a cobra.

            Obama’s view on what Mandela did for whites is pure fiction: The subjugator was being offered a gift, being given a chance to see in a new way, being given a chance to participate in the work of building a better world.”

            So, let me see, THIS link is the “gift”??? Do I have that right? And what is this about “PARTICIPATE” when the entire edifice of Black Economic Empowerment legislation is devoted to designing white people OUT OF everything. And folks in the US are surprised at the way that open season was declared on Police, and the way that every institution that makes America American was assailed? I reckon we South Africans knew what this guy was going to do before even HE knew it. But it was interesting to watch how he dressed up the pill for Americans to swallow.

            Forgive the intensity, but decent Christian folks are dying because of this. Obama could have done the right thing and told the ANC to stop its racist grinding of whites. He did not. Instead he propagates the lies, founded in his Dreams of his Father.


Here is the blog post on this for today:   

My view of Barack Hussein Obama II:

1.  Luo: Barack Hussein Obama II is a real African-American in that he is descended from an actual African father and an American mother. Other Black Americans are just that, namely Americans who happen to be black. Unlike typical Black Americans, who have little if any idea of their tribal origins, Barack Obama II knows his father was a Luo tribesman from the shores of Lake Victoria*. The Luo or a Nilotic (Nile) people and live in South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and to a lesser degree in Tanzania. They speak a language called Dholuo.

* Eldoret is a large nearby town and had a South African Dutch Reformed Church. The last South African church minister left there in the present century. The town became the site of a massacre when people were burnt to death in the local church in 2008. PICTURE: Luo dancers at Eldoret.

2.  Mau-Mau: His grandfather was imprisoned by the British for ties to the Mau-Mau insurrection in Kenya. It is the Mau Mau uprising that introduced the word “uhuru”  (Swahili: freedom) to the West. According to Bethwell Allan Ogot, Kenyan author, “Mau Mau fighters, . . . contrary to African customs and values, assaulted old people, women and children. The horrors they practiced included the following: decapitation and general mutilation of civilians, torture before murder, bodies bound up in sacks and dropped in wells, burning the victims alive, gouging out of eyes, splitting open the stomachs of pregnant women.”  Jomo Kenyatta , later President of Kenya, was jailed by the Brits for allegedly mastermindingthe Mau-Mau insurrection.

3. Family Connections: His father’s stint in the United states from 1959  was sponsored by the African American Students Foundation with offices on Park Avenue, New York and Nairobi, Kenya. On 3 November 1961 the following were on the board of directors:  Julius Nyerere, future president of Communist Tanzania,  Kenneth Kaunda, future president of Zambia (Northern Rhodesia), and Tom Mboya, Kenyan Africanist activist and later Minitser of Justice. See HERE.

4. School:  His pre-adult schooling was in Holiday Hawaii and Muslim Indonesia, not in his mother’s Kansas, nor US Flyover Country or on either liberal coast. He thereby had zero childhood cultural association with life in regular Mainland America or its daily challenges.

5. Racial: His childhood friend in Hawaii, Keith Kakugawa stated about Obama, “He made everything out like it was racial” . In a place as multiracial as Hawaii, his attitude drew attention.

6.  Inspiration: He may have been physiclally born in Hawaii on 4 August 1961, but his “formative post-teen birth” was based on events in South Africa. After finishing school in the late 1970s, he was “ inspired”  while at Los Angeles’ Occidental College by Mandela to (in his own words) “reexamine his own priorities” [17 July 2018 - Johannesburg]. By contrast, at the same time this author was inspired by an American Democrat who was a wonderful ambassador for his country.

7. Why Barack?: It is over this period that Obama changed his name from the more commonly used “Barry”  to “Barack” .

8. Activism: He said in Senegal, Africa, on 27 June 2013 that his “first act of political activism[was] because I was inspired by what was taking place in South Africa." That was 1979/80. [USA Today 6 Dec 2013]

9. His name had meaning:  Obama stated in his presidential visit to Kenya that, on his earlier first visit to Kenya in the 1990s,  he experienced the first time that his name had meant something. In other words, he feels validated by Africa.

10. About his grandfather:  Listen to him HERE as he talks about his grandfather, neglecting to mention that it is custom during initiation for 6 bottom teeth of any Luo boy to be removed. Perhaps he did not know. He then descibes the Colonial Africa experience.

11. Warping History: He is entirely happy to unrecognizably warp history to suit his narratvive. A good example is his Mandeala Day Speech on 17 July 2018 when he said the following:Most of Africa, including my father's homeland [He’s talking about Kenya], was under colonial rule. The dominant European powers, having ended a horrific world war just a few months after Madiba's birth, viewed this continent and its people primarily as spoils in a contest for territory and abundant natural resources and cheap labor. And the inferiority of the black race, an indifference towards black culture and interests and aspirations, was a given.” [17 July 2018 - Johannesburg]

            I am pretty sure that most historians do not view the First World War as a contest for Africa, even though the first shots in that war were fired in Africa and the first POW taken there.

Indeed, as his friend Keith said, “He made everything out like it was racial” .

Why exactly are Americans surprised that he presided over such intense racial division, the diminishment of the USA in the world, and the hollowing out of Western institutions in the USA? The USA is living right now with the consequences of electing this Africa-inspired man to the office of president and maintaining him there for eight years. He has Africanised everything he has touched and he has misled half the US population in the process. And now they scream their heads off and go insane on public TV— clear Obama withdrawal symptoms. Poor things; they should have done their homework to recognise the hallucinatory drug in the first place.