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FEBRUARY 10, 2019



"You can be a key part of the 2020 Election. Start Today!!"

with Mark Spannagel, a 18 year veteran of the political process.
Today we'll be speaking with Mark Spannagel, a 18 year veteran of the political process. Mark has worked on campaigns both large and small so in the first hour we're going to pick his brain on what happens behind the curtain with ballot harvesting. I'm sure we'll touch on all sorts of things from there like campaign finance, PACs, corporate donations, precinct walking, direct mail and the ever-annoying robo calls to name a few. It turns out that there is a delicate balance between raising money and spending too much to get that job done and lots more that goes into this important process. We hope you learn as much as we did!

We'll probably swerve into the mysterious process of caucuses vs. primaries. Why do some states caucus and other do not? Who decides? Why is Iowa first? Why do we care? Do they really "decide" the election or are they simply an indicator of things to come? Do Democrats and Republicans follow the same process? How do you become the chairman of a political party? Who goes to the conventions? What happens at the conventions? What's up with the electoral college anyway? How do our votes in the states translate into the final tally of votes to determine who becomes the president every four years? Where the heck was this in school? Were we absent that day?

Please email if you have something you'd like to know that we neglected to cover and we'll get the answer for you!

2020 is such an important year. Every single voter needs to know that their vote really does count. Those people who believe otherwise need to listen to this show! If you feel a bit powerless there are ways to get involved at every level. Now is the time for American patriots to get up to speed and take up the reigns of our great republic with those who are going in the same direction. Let's focus on the big picture with accurate information and help conservatives win this year.

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