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MARCH 31, 2019




"National Security Compromised"


with Bruce Moran 'national security consultant'



Bruce J. Moran is a senior National Security Advisor who focuses on strategic planning for National Security issues. As a consultant, he works with public officials, U.S. Government committees, departments, agencies, think tanks, and corporations. He works on special national security projects and defines clear "hands on" working solutions for Crisis Preparedness and Crisis Readiness scenarios. He has in-depth experience in foreign policy, security operations & Hi-Tech systems (connectivity, interoperability, and interfacing) such as SMART* Fusion protocols and applications. He consults with the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Commerce, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, House Committee On Foreign Affairs, Joint Economic Committee, Senate/House Committees on Banking/Finance, Senate Permanent Committee On investigations and the Senate Select Committee On Intelligence.


Security Solutions Technology, LLC is a Veteran Owned (and SDVOSB) Company that provides federal government consulting, IT professional services, security assessments, cybersecurity, geospatial, program and life cycle management, change management, logistics, and financial consulting. We provide a performance and results-based culture in any organization.

Chuck Floyd - Chief Executive Officer

Bruce J. Moran -  Senior National Security Advisor  

Security Solutions Technology

National Security Update 08/25/2018  



Crisis Readiness / Crisis Preparedness Report   

U.S. National Security And The Presidency Of The United States Has Been Put Asunder:
PURPOSEFULLY ABUSED & MANIPULATED FISA COURT - ESPIONAGE ACT: For over two years, gross false allegations and many untold reckless innuendos of espionage activities (working with -- aiding & abetting - the enemy of the United States) had been paved by a political biased 'insurance policy' inter-agency network which had been formulated as Operation Cross-fire Hurricane for the undertakings of the Special Counsel's Office Investigation process.  Operation Crossfire Hurricane aka "Spygate' went directly against the Will Of The People's U.S. electoral process.  How should this ever-present malicious and diabolical activity by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice and of the DOJ Special Council's Office now be directly addressed to correct the inherent faults of this great abuse of political power?



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1) ADEPTLY OBSCURING & MISDIRECTING NATIONAL SECURITY THREATS: The National Security of the United States had been compromised by the fraudulent misrepresentations of (unsubstantiated facts regarding) Russian Collusion.   Nefarious actors had fully orchestrated a means to obfuscate and obscure [mask] their insidious [entrapment/treacherous] operations which lay deeply hidden within the U.S. federal justice investigative system.  

2) COLLABORATED EFFORTS TO UNDERMINE THE PRESIDENCY: National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, was removed two weeks in office [charges of Russian Collusion - unfounded], which hampered and constrained the newly elected President of the United States and the National Security Council (causing purposeful mayhem & chaos in the White House by the nefarious actors). These nefarious actor's collaborative efforts and willful actions effectively prevented the President of the United States and National Security Council from fully carrying out their duties and obligations under the United States Constitution to protect and defend the United States of America. This DOJ investigative action effectively blind-sided a newly elected President of the United States leaving him short-handed in filling this critically important Senior Advisor to the President position of WH National Security Advisor. (Keep in mind the pressing problems at that early time in the Presidency had been ISIS CALIPHATE STATE, SYRIA/ASSAD/RUSSIA, CHRISTIAN (MINORITY) GENOCIDE IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN STABILITY OPERATIONS, SYRIA/IRAQ REFUGEE CRISIS, MIDDLE EAST IMMIGRATION CRISIS (TERRORIST ENTRY GRAVE CONCERNS), U.S. SOUTHERN BORDER SECURITY, U.S. TRADE POLICY (STEALING OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS - DUAL PURPOSE TECHNOLOGY: INDUSTRIAL/MILITARY), ET AL.  


3) U.S. INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY ILLEGAL OVER-REACH & EXTENSIVE ABUSE: The "integrity" of the U.S. federal investigative agencies and various U.S. departments and agencies had been sacrificed (i.e., collusion) for special political interest "unmasking" operations where nefarious actors intervened to directly circumvent the U.S. Constitution (We The People) and the Declaration of Independence (Direct Abuse Of Power - Deriving Their Just Powers From The Consent Of The Governed) while undermining & casting aside individual sovereign rights, liberties and freedoms.


Joseph Paul Goebbels

Nazi - Third Reich Minister Of Propaganda


“If you tell a lie big enough [Russian Collusion] and keep repeating it [Power of Repetition], people will eventually come to believe it. The [Operation Crossfire Hurricane - Russian Collusion] lie can be maintained only for such time as the State [Special Counsel's Office's On-going Investigative] can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent [Keep The Special Counsel's Office investigation long and enduring - two years plus], for the truth [Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Findings] is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”


4) WHITE HOUSE CONTINUOUSLY FACED GROUNDLESS & FICTITIOUS RUSSIAN CONSPIRACY COLLUSION REPORTS: The President of the United States as Commander & Chief and his White House staff had been hampered, usurped and undermined in carrying out their National Security duties in such that: 1) opposition research (false & purposely fabricated information), 2) an extensive "any and all means necessary" Title One - FISA Warrant* (See SPECIAL NOTE - BELOW) was the backdrop for the counterintelligence [espionage] investigation, 3) the fraudulent manipulation of FISA court evidence based search warrant authorization [approvals], and 4) the insidious collaborative undermining efforts of a host of Senior Level administration officials.  This Russian Conspiracy Collusion scenario held sway which directed the White House to allocate valuable personnel and resources [time and energy] toward continuously addressing such unsupported reckless claims (spurious information).  This scenario includes addressing sourceless fallacious & misleading media narratives and rumors.  Such Working With [Aiding & Abetting] The Enemy Narratives had been centered upon groundless, fictitious and unfounded media and elected official reckless analysis supported by special media expert appearances who drew-up various espionage [collusion] & fixing election allegations (falsely premised accusations / gross assumptions).  Such individuals consistently concocted deceptive and grossly misleading pictures about professional White House personnel conduct and policy, including but not limited to consistently moving the 24/7 media  narratives  to impeachment proceedings and/or the invoking of the 25th amendment. 


Quite importantly, the DOJ Investigative Russian Collusion focus took essential and critical National Security elements and personnel away (both at the White House and DOJ-FBI High Level - Investigative staff) from (upfront) properly and fittingly addressing the National Security major issues and problems with ISIS, Syria,  China, et al (which had been in full play).  


*SPECIAL NOTE: *Title One - FISA Warrant: Authorizes any or all surveillance (FBI, CIA, NSA, FIVY - Fourteen Eyes) methods; and establishes legal authority for retroactive review on all files and records associated with the (targeted) individual (assumes subject is a spy); and any contacts such (targeted) individual comes in contact with; and anyone those contacts come in contact with. The Title One - FISA Warrant strips everyone of their 4th amendment rights (search and seizure) including all White House personnel (whom may be deemed a contact). The high-end extensive "any and all means necessary" National Security Title one - FISA Warrant was requested by the nefarious actors rather the Title 7 Warrant whose warrant's reach is limited in scope to an individual American (not a spy) who may have had incidental contact with a foreign spy. The Title One FISA Warrant strips the President of all rights.  See:


5) The U.S. Federal court system, especially FISA*, was manipulated to deceive the FISA judges so nefarious actors could serve interests of a political party and their personal credo/ideology [The Deep State Beholden, Globalists, Machiavellian Kleptocrats, Communalists, Entrenched Bureaucratic Statists, et al].  U.S. Executive Branch Investigative heads (James Comey FBI - John Brennan CIA [PDB'S]) and Senior Administration officials (via FBI counter-intelligence - Operational Cross-Fire Hurricane -  officially began targeting of a Presidential campaign) which was a clearly orchestrated "ways and means" insurance policy (spy gate) to strap and disenfranchise the newly elected President of the United States, his campaign personnel and transition team. 


6) A former British foreign spy (country ally MI-6 agent [Russian Specialist] Orbis Security Corporation, Christopher Steele, was used to provide false and misleading information [no factual basis] via FUSION GPS (dossier) against the President of the United States. Given the veracity of Christopher Steele had been very suspect, how did the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation go forward with further FISA Warrants as the Christopher Steele leaked information to media outlets compromising his position and violating his agreements with the FBI. Were certain disenfranchised and vindictive powerful ($$$) Dem & GOP leaders/officials and former Presidential Candidates with their respective power families working directly or indirectly [individually or collectively] with (dark money supporting) Christopher Steele's Orbis group world-wide intelligent network or other Christopher Steele Fusion GPS groups networks (with certain individuals or groups [plausible deniability]) working under the cloak of Operation Crossfire Hurricane?

NATIONAL SECURITY EXECUTIVE BRANCH'S 'PANDORA'S BOX YOU IN' PROBLEM OF GREAT MAGNITUDE: It is very important to note: that such polarized opposition groups from the Dem & GOP leaders/officials and staff along with special interests have directly crippled the National Security Crisis Readiness/Crisis Preparedness strategy and tactical operations of a sitting President by NOT APPROVING/CONFIRMING 500 plus essential personnel to the Executive Branch - departments and agencies and NOT FILLING 3,000 Vacancies plus [How and Why are people being blocked from filling vacancies]. This action by Congress supports the idea that Operation Crossfire Hurricane or parallel political and powerful vindictive actor counterparts [CONFIRMING 500 APPOINTEES - NOT FILLING 3,000 VACANCIES] would use any means necessary to hamper and halt a sitting President from carrying out his full National Security duties and responsibilities, as Commander and Chief.  


Similarly, these actions by these political Pandora's Box You In  power mongers and special interest ($$$) players are keeping a President of the United States short-handed from fully executing his administration's policies and programs and reporting back to Congress (transparency, accountability and responsibility) -- as required by law.  This purposefully engaged stagnationPandora's Box You In strategy (Keep A Sitting President's Policy & Programs Hung Up [Dragged Out & Stepped Upon] In Bureaucracy) clearly demonstrates the greater corruption which exists on the Hill and in the Executive Branch with special interests.  Here we clearly observe various high-minded ill-willed and morally bankrupt corrupt embedded USG bureaucrats [who push-back hard in the interagency administrative and procedural state] who have failed to leave their office [purposely stayed put to fight back]  at the change of the administration (2017).  Here we also clearly observe small to intermediate size ranchers, farmers and entrepreneurs ($$$) hung up in thePandora's Box You In  bureaucratic on-going highly costly (unaffordable - bankrupting) protracted and administrative interagency litigation clearly depriving individuals of their U.S. Constitutional based sovereign rights, liberties, freedoms and property.  As such, it is of key importance to think of our U.S. farmers, ranchers and entrepreneurs as critical and essential components to our National Security Business Operations (jobs - Economic Freedom) & Supply Food Chain (We Need To Eat & Feed A Growing U.S. Population).  


7) The President of the United States was spied upon by his own U.S. investigate agencies and U.S. Department of Justice.  The Title One FISA Warrant opened a wide door for the President Elect, Presidential Transition Team and the newly formed White House to be spied upon. 


"In 2011 the Obama administration secretly won permission from the FISA Court to reverse restrictions on the National Security Agency's intercepted phone calls and e-mails, permitting the agency (NSA) to search deliberately for American communications in its massive databases… That means that communications with Americans can be picked up without a court first determining there is probable cause that the people they were talking to were terrorists, spies, or "foreign powers."….measures were done without public debate or any specific authority from Congress." *



Seven (7) Critical And Essential National Security Questions About Operation Cross-Fire Hurricane for Attorney General William Barr:  


How deep into the bowels of the United States Government did a Host Of Operation Crossfire - Hurricane operatives and their supporting teams  work to try to undermine a sitting President of the United States?

1) Had leaks to the press actually come from individuals (Operation Cross-Fire Hurricane plants) inside the White House (WH)  or had the leaks to the press come from clandestine operations which intercepted phone calls - emails --- or had the sources of the leaks been a combination of both inside WH operatives and outside directed clandestine tradecraft networked activities?  

2)  Had the White House communication systems and/or back-up (technical redundancy systems) been partially run by carry over individuals (technical staff) or companies who were part of Operation Crossfire Hurricane?

3) Did the CIA work as one of the lead USG organizations to run Operation Crossfire Hurricane. Keep in mind the CIA can turn on any iPhone, console, and many gadgets (consumer electronics) into open mics (which could be easily be deployed tradecraft measures by Operation Crossfire Hurricane operational heads)? For instance, did the CIA/NSA/DNI Operation Crossfire Hurricane operators work with the White House (WH) tech companies or pose as tech company employees installing the routers to the WH technology infrastructure or install malware into the WH HVAC control systems before or during the time the new Presidential transition team took office including but not limited to Old Executive Office Building (build-outs - tech upgrades)? Did any embedded Operation Crossfire Hurricane operatives or nefarious actors purposefully leave the White House tech system main servers "open" to DNS cache poisoning attacks for clandestine tradecraft purposes to keep spying on the President of the United States, Senior Advisors, Cabinet members and key staffers (National Security Council)?

"All of the upcoming improvements were approved during the Obama administration following an initial round of renovations."

4) Had any of the National Security Staff carry-overs from the previous Obama administration [who consulted the President] been part of the Operation Crossfire Hurricane clandestine operations?

5) Who were the lead U.S. official nefarious actor(s) who themselves leaked, or directed their respective agencies & departments to leak White House private and confidential information to the press?

6) Did the Title One FISA Warrant give the Special Council Investigative staff impunity [special privilege] to choose as they please (look anywhere they so decide) to make large sweeps of individuals who they considered adversarial to their political operation (Operational Crossfire Hurricane)? 

7a) Was Operation Crossfire Hurricane a way and means to clandestinely surround a current sitting President of the United States, the White House staff and members of the Cabinet? 

7b) Did nefarious Operation Crossfire Hurricane actors use any or all spying tradecraft measures to constantly harass, harangue, impede, and give misinformation about White House operations?

7c) Were the nefarious Operation Crossfire Hurricane actors tasked (Psych-Ops) to build a growing negative reservoir of misinformation to create chaos inside the White House?

7d) Did the nefarious Operation Crossfire Hurricane actors use the Russian Collusion as a  cover (misdirection) who were not really looking for Russian Collusion activity but looking for reasons (soft coup) to oust the current sitting President of the United States?




What we can see from President Trump’s decisive actions is that the current National Security Crisis Readiness/Crisis Preparedness Strategical operations as shown above is entirely different in successful impact and larger effects than the previous administration's dealing with foreign policy matters.  As Commander-In-Chief, President Trump has made sound and practical determinations in how National Security is to be protected and defended against Enemies of the State.Former CIA Director John Brennan indicated President Trump as being An Enemy Of The State and President Trump's acts treasonous.  John Brennan has stepped beyond the cloak of secrecy, trust and privilege, to politically weaponize his former clandestine leadership position and get paid for his publicly biased unsubstantiated (unfounded) hyperbolic opinions as a network commentator. It is unprecedented to have a former CIA Director to act in such an unprofessional and zany/wacky manner.





CHRISTOPHER STEELE: Foreign British Spy MI-6 -- Russian Specialist


Would Christopher Steele and/or his foreign firm Orbis be consideredmeddling/interfering in the 2016 United States Presidential election process with his opposition research (dossier)? Is the DNC Opposition Research Dossier an obscure fancy name to cover-up international spying on (and conspiratorial thwarting/obstructing) a U.S. Presidential Candidate/President–Elect Candidate/U.S. President?


The covert intelligence world-wide community is a very highly connected network both known and unknown for plausible deniability purposes. Christopher Steele belonged to this elite British intelligent clandestine MI-6 network.   Christopher Steele used his resources and network to obtain information as well as provide misinformation.  Such sophistry is clearly understood to be part of the espionage multi-dimensional landscape for going undetected.

First important question to be raised with foreign government /intelligence involvement: Did Orbis Intelligence Services ever act as a front for MI- 6 which was run domestically and internationally, in whole or part,  by Christopher Steele and his associates?  Did Orbis have past and current connections to the DNC and/or their respective candidates, donors, et al? The imperceptible links may help connect-the-dots in how this whole situation (scheme) came into existence.  This Orbis network  can be considered the back door to the back door of  Fusion GPS.


Who were Christopher Steele’s contacts which gave him certain information; and what information was fabricated by Christopher Steele?   How does Orbis fit into this whole picture?


Who helped Christopher Steele fabricate the information in the Dossier?  Was it Christopher Steele who acted alone or was Christopher Steele working in concert with others from his British intelligence network (and expanded intelligence resource network), DNC, DNC backers, USG Executive Branch, or unknown rich foreign country source(s) [dark monies]?  Were these groups aligning their efforts to control the power in Washington D.C. and keep such political power centralized in the European Union (most of whose leaders vehemently opposed Brexit as well as did not like President Elect Trump’s NATO position and tariffs)?  


“Power Corrupts;

And Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

 [With Dark Monies)”

Lord Acton


The current Congressional & Department of Justice  investigative “eyes” are on   Fusion GPS – which is the front door.   Where did the Fusion GPS investigative information come from -- the many financed backdoors of Orbis or other unknown entities? Was Christopher Steele the lead guy (Orbis intelligence expert – front man) who later became the fall guy for all the intelligent agents or STONEGHOST networks “Five Eyes” [FIVY] or “Fourteen Eyes” (SIGNET plausible deniability) [See APPENDIX A:  EYES MEMBERS] supporting their collective work, including the Dossier? Was “Five Eyes” or Fourteen Eyes” used in conjunction with the FISA warrants? If so, who directed “Five Eyes” or “Fourteen Eyes” to do proxy cyberactivities; and how broad was their sweep? If not, was “Five Eyes” or “Fourteen Eyes” used as an on-going spying network to support the Obama administration’s operations which was simultaneously called upon to reach into the 2016 Presidential campaign?



(This Is Just Not That The Domestic And International Intelligence Agencies Got Caught With Their Hands In The Cookie Jar – It Is A Large National Security Problem Which Must Be Immediately Corrected And Resolved)


What about individual liberties, freedoms and rights being trampled upon when spying usurps the U.S. Constitution? That is, how many individuals [U.S. citizens] had been spied upon? Was “Five Eyes” or “Fourteen Eyes” working on the request of an unbeknownst White House or State Department third party (circumventing laws which prevent a country spying on its own citizens)?  Was any elected / appointed U.S. official or staff member involved in (called for) the above mentioned SIGNET investigative sweep? [See: APPENDIX B: Obama Administration Using Espionage Act 1917 – abuse of power].  Major questions arise as to what lengths would the Obama administration and its foreign government supporters go to support Hillary Clinton? How was spying used (aside from the dossier) against Hillary Clinton’s presidential opponent President Elect-Donald Trump?




Sen. Mark Udall Calls For CIA Director John Brennan To ...

"After being briefed on the CIA Inspector General report today, I have no choice but to call for the resignation of CIA Director John Brennan," Udall said in a statement.

“After being briefed on the CIA Inspector General report today, I have no choice but to call for the resignation of CIA Director John Brennan,” Udall said in a statement. “The CIA unconstitutionally spied on Congress by hacking into Senate Intelligence Committee computers.”


Three major questions arise from CIA Director John Brennan’s spying on Congress: 1) How deep was the penetration of the CIA into Senate Intelligence Committee? 2) How long had the CIA been spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee? 3) Was the CIA spying on any other committees or sub-committees in the U.S. Senate or U.S. House?


Had any CIA tradecraft methods been deployed to spy on President Trump. The White House, the Donald Trump Campaign, Donald Trump Transition Team or RNC [2016-2017] as the CIA had deployed various tradecraft methods to spy on the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee [2014]?

SPECIAL NOTE:  The CIA’s Charter (legal agreement with U.S.G) prevents the CIA from spying [HUMINT & SIGNET] on U.S. citizens within the United States.




As the intelligence community has its own internal network, did former CIA director John Brennan have any ties [hand-offs] to Orbis, Christopher Steele or any other intelligence government covert networks or entities who directly or indirectly worked with Orbis [the clearing house] or any other entities that intersected with any other private / public companies or foreign governments?   


What was the nature of CIA Director’s John Brennan’s trip to Moscow (March 2016) and the hand-off of Dossier information to Senator Harry Reid (08/25/16)?


DOSSIER & FISA WARRANT INFORMATION: How many individuals approved, reviewed, handled, framed or changed certain information in the Dossier before such Dossier information appeared on the FISA Warrant (justification)?    Did anybody from Fusion GPS, the DNC or DNC backers/financiers add, alter or delete information from the Dossier as it then later became part of the FISA court warrant (justification)?   Did any members of the U.S. House or U.S. Senate (including staff) approve, review, handle, frame, or change certain dossier information or other pertinent information which was part of the FBI FISA court warrant (justification)? How many different handlers domestically and internationally approved, reviewed, framed or changed the dossier information before it made its way into the hands of the FBI before it was submitted to the FISA court? How many different individuals at Fusion GPS, the Executive Branch and elected/appointed members of Congress and their respective staff members directly or indirectly approved, reviewed, framed or changed information that went before the FISA court judges?






CIA cyber-spying toolkit now in hands of hackers worldwide ...

Amid a trove of documents released by WikiLeaks that allegedly contains “the entire hacking capacity of the CIA” is chilling evidence that everyday devices like smart TVs and cell phones have ...


Did nefarious actors or unauthorized USG personnel – (hand-off the Cherry Blossom Project) or utilize the Cherry Blossom project tool kit [Vault 7 means/methods]  during the time of the 2016 Presidential Primary process and the National Presidential Election (before Wikileaks exposed it in 2017 March)?


How does Sir Andrew Wood, MI 6, Christopher Steele, Orbis, CIC (CIA-Frankfort, Germany)), NSA (Dagger Complex Grisham, Germany), CIA Director John Brennan and MI -6 Head Robert Hannigan fit into the unbridled power mix of leaving a (Cherry Blossom exploit) Russian footprint in the United States? Was it actually a Russian footprint left by a U.S. intelligence agency / proxy cyberactivity GCHQ (MI 6) clandestine request [collusion/obstruction/espionage sophistry –FIVY – U.S. National Security Breach] or actually Russian government hackers intervening/meddling in the United States elections or both? To what extent, and by whom?


NYT: According to the WikiLeaks release, the large number of techniques allows the C.I.A. to mask the origin of some of its attacks and confuse forensic investigators. (2013-2016)


Was Sir Andrew Wood using the Halifax Security Conference (November 18-20, 2016 – 70 countries) as a means to collaborate efforts or distribute information on the Dossier? So why was Senator McCain handling backdoor operations for the Dossier at the Halifax Security Conference? Why was he (John McCain) in Halifax (Canada) in the first place to accept the dossier and give a speech?


Opposing views on Donald Trump take main stage at Halifax ...

The Halifax International Security Forum was the first major international gathering of policy analysts and defence ministers since the U.S. election.As policy analysts, defence ministers and ...

“Opposing views on Donald Trump take main stage at Halifax security conference November 19, 2016 “Views differed sharply on the impact of Donald Trump’s presidency on issues from trade to historic alliances during the second day of an international gathering seized by what-if scenarios regarding the incoming U.S. administration.”


Why wasn't the dossier given directly to the FBI  by Sir Andrew Wood (or others) or the British Government (because it is a problem of meddling/interfering in the Presidential campaign)?  What business was it of John McCain, in the first place, to handle information going into the secret FISA court? What is the British Government doing with the Dossier in the first place? What other officials in the European Union had copies of the dossier (and exploited it)? What other foreign government investigative agencies contributed to the dossier (and exploited it)?  Who had financed the dossier research (big donor, a nation's big purse [treasury], etc)  -- Who at the Halifax 2017 International Security Forum had worked with Christopher Steele (to collect, collaborate and disseminate dossier information or other information that went into the FISA warrant)?   


So much for secret dossier information being secret for the FISA court as when everyone and their mother was handling it and feeding the media. What else was transpiring at this time:


SPECIAL NOTE MIKE FLYNN: The whole of the investigative and information gathering (tradecraft) process both domestic and international must be fully addressed. This calls for looking into the information sources (roots-foundation) of various spying measures and entities (individuals/countries) that had been used in the opposition research (dossier) and FISA warrant along with the establishment of the Special Counsel that investigated and prosecuted General Mike Flynn, a democrat who directly supported President-elect Trump .


It appears targeting against the Trump campaign began May - June  2016 then advanced as the candidates (teams) become known. General Mike Flynn (who opposed the Obama administration’s positions), retired Director Defense Intelligence Agency (2014), was deemed a the prime target. Being one of the first major targets, the move was to get NSA Michael Flynn (out-of-the-way--right away). Thus,  the heavy unbridled powers-that-be went on to immediately remove the new NSC Advisor (Mike Flynn)  from President Trump's team to cripple President Trump upfront (and personal). This plan to remove National Security Advisor Mike Flynn was well-executed, designed, planned and controlled  ---  and how much was accomplished by high-end clandestine professionals (for that is what spies and spy networks do / and do it extremely well)?  How much have these unbridled power ways and means been directly and indirectly used by the CIA, FBI, DOJ and FIVY & Fourteen EYES [STONEGHOST] associated intelligence networks and financiers [dark money $$$] to stop President Trump from executing his programs and policies?  How many other members of the White House team and transition team had been unduly spied upon?


It should also be duly noted that Mike Flynn and other Trump transition officials appear to have came under surveillance (spying) [UNMASKING] by the U.S. government Executive Branch (2016-2017).  “Unmasking” is the revealing in intelligence reports of the identities of Americans whose communications (or information about whom) have been “incidentally” intercepted during foreign-intelligence-collection operations.”


What matters at this point in time October 2018, is how, when, where and why had such spying occurred in the first place and by whom as it relates to President Trump being crippled, hampered and sidelined from carrying out his policies and programs as President and Commander & Chief? Secondly, what does this spying on the Trump transition team and thereafter, especially Mike Flynn, have to do with American spies having to move quickly in “tracking potential threats without some of the [USG] bureaucracy which encumbered them in the past” [Section 702 Foreign Intelligence Survelliance Act]? Does this bring Susan Rice [NSA], John Brennan [CIA Director], James Comey [FBI Director] and Samantha Powers [U.N. Ambassador] [as well as others who fraudently used Amb. Powers name] into question?


'Unmasking' 101: The Next Chapter In The Trump-Russia ...

The next phase of Congress' investigation into the Trump-Russia story could be a major focus on U.S. intelligence — and what Republicans call its abuse.

Samantha Power allegedly tried to ‘unmask’ Americans on a ...

Samantha Power, who was the US Ambassador to the UN under former President Barack Obama, averaged more than one “unmasking” request for every...

-------------------END MIKE FLYNN SPECIAL NOTE----------------

So where we stand today with President Trump’s transformational (Make America Great Again - MAGA) domestic and foreign policy has a tremendous push-back from long-held (30 years plus same ol’/same ol’) stagnant international political traditions, beliefs, policies and programs, bureaucractic entrapped/entropic systems, geopolitical entrenched forces,  counter-growth economic stove-pipe programs, trade ineffectiveness (trade imbalances) and financial/market institutions (socialism vs. fair trade).


The large continuous push-back is naturally coming from all those stakeholders along with their associated institutions (referred above) who have held power and influence for generations (who do not want to give it up) in their respective countries and at the United Nations, European Union, UNSC, WHO, WTO, et al.   


Excerpt President Trump U.N. General Assembly (09/25/18):

"I honor every nation to pursue its own customs, beliefs and traditions. The United States will not tell you how to live or work or worship," Mr. Trump said."We only ask that you honor our sovereignty in return.”


BOTTOM LINE: Was the continuous and relentless formative foreign and domestic push-back along with the Dossier collection process [part of the insidious sophistry clandestine legal push-back] a collaborative effort: MI-6/ KGB agents,  and other intelligence agents and foreign elected/appointed officials  and special interests who had been highly connected and intertwined to the previous Clinton/Bush/Obama Administrations (24 years)  - Clinton election (4 more years $$$)... all willing (plausible deniability) to contribute all they could to stop Donald Trump (at all costs $$$) to maintain and sustain (not change nor alter) their high-end controlling & dominating powerful world-wide political force .


Uranium One, Iran, NATO (pay fair share), Brexit,  Trade Policy (fair trade not free trade giving away the shop) – Tarriffs. In simple terms, President Trump (President Elect-Trump - Presidential Candidate Trump) went bigtime against the establishments’ $$$ / Deep State's grain [gravy train] -- foreign and domestic powers that be.  


In conclusion, President Trump changed the whole of the U.S. National Security landscape providing sound and practical Crisis Preparedness/Crisis Readiness programs and policies that appropriately and fittingly dealt with Enemies Of The State that posed Imminent Threats to the United States and its allies.




This information appearing below was first presented in March 2018 by Chuck Floyd and Bruce J. Moran showing that there had been clear signs that the FISA court procedures need to be revamped and National Security (counter-terrorism/espionage) proceedings had been usurped by negligent parties. The entire FISA warrant process must come under heavy scrutiny by Congress, the Supreme Court and the Department of Justice as the apparent failures have occurred by grossly negligent parties  who did not properly handle, submit, review and verify critical information which lays the groundwork for the FISA warrant (justification process – FISA Judge approval).  Checks, counter-checks and cross-checks for proper verification in obtaining a FISA warrant need to be properly and fittingly addressed (verified). National Security is put in jeopardy when the court systems are used in fashions which do not fit the criteria for counter-terrorism and espionage safeguards – fail safe mechanism.


It should be duly noted that larger National Security concerns also existed at this time as an on-going FBI investigation commenced with regards to Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton’s (HRC) email server. Chuck Floyd and Bruce J. Moran published a highly detailed investigative piercing tradecraft article in Forbes on September 9, 2016 called: How To Handcuff A National Security Investigation.  The big lingering National Securitygross negligence question from September 2016:  Who at the DOJ, DOS, FBI or another entity/individual handled, reviewed, distributed, advised, changed/altered/removed/replaced the email [USG government sensitive transmittals] classification downward from Top Secret, Secret and Confidential?


Please note how this HRC unsecured server investigation intersects with Peter Strotz heading up two major FBI investigations: The Hillary Clinton Emails Unsecured Server Investigation and 2) the Trump Russian Election Interference Collusion case. (See below:  FBI Agent Peter Strotz - Conflict Of Interest)


Article 08/22/18 [Tom] Fitton [Judicial Watch] first touched on Congressman Gohmert’s admission during the Peter Strzok hearing that a government watchdog found that Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 emails were sent to a foreign entity unrelated to Russia–of course Peter Strzok and the FBI did nothing about it and never followed up. [FBI never did anything with the evidence Judicial Watch gave to them – Russia hacked Hillary Clinton’s email server].


Article 10/17/18 “I had myself (U.S. District Court Judge Royce C. Lambreth) had found Cheryl Mills had committed perjury and lied under oath in a published opinion I had written in a Judicial Watch case where I found her unworthy of belief – and I was quite shocked she had been given immunity by the Justice Department in the Hillary Clinton email case…So I did not know until I read the IG report and learned that and that she had accompanied the Secretary (Hillary Clinton) to her [FBI] interview.


Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act


The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 ("FISA" Pub.L. 95–511, 92 Stat. 1783, 50 U.S.C. ch. 36) is a United States federal law which establishes procedures for the physical and electronic surveillanceand collection of "foreign intelligence information" between "foreign powers" and "agents of foreign powers" suspected of espionage orterrorism… Depending on the type of surveillance, approved orders or extensions of orders may be active for 90 days, 120 days, or a year.


FISA warrant process (application – collection of information) must be closely investigated. Congressman Trey Gowdy, Senator Charles Grassley, and Senator Lindsey Graham indicate a Special Counsel is in order. What was the rational for the warrant presented to the FISA judges?  Who signed off on the extensions of the FISA warrants every 90 days? What was the rationale for the extensions?




----- Nellie Ohr – Fusion GPS --------

----Glenn Simpson – Owner Fusion GPS ---------

--- Simpson Refused To Testify – Took The 5th 10/12/18---

JUDGES NOT TO BLAME – WHAT IS THE FISA JUDGE’S RESPONSIBILITY?   Did inherent problems exists in the evidence presented by the DOJ and FBI to get the FISA warrant:


Dossier = from Fusion GPS was used as evidence to obtain FISA Warrant

Dossier – Paid for by DNC and Hillary Clinton Campaign – not clearly delineated (spelled out) in the FISA warrant  

Perkins Cole law firm for DNC  & Clinton Campaign payed (168k) to Steele for the Dossier – not spelled out in FISA warrant

Dossier – Christopher Steele – MI-6 (Russian Specialist):  credibility

Dossier – Christopher Steele – leaked information to the national media 9/16 (New Yorker, WP, Yahoo News & CNN) that he worked for the FBI (broke cardinal rule) Steele was “suspended then terminated” by the FBI.  Lying to an FBI officer is a felony bringing up to 5 years in prison.

Yahoo article was used as evidence to obtain the FISA Warrant

Dossier – Christopher Steele - Sources not clearly identified by

Christopher Steele in how the information was harvested.






Excerpts [Political Bias Evident]:  "abnormal" handling of the probe into alleged coordination between Russian officials and the Trump presidential campaign. “


“Baker is at the heart of surveillance abuse allegations, and his deposition lays the groundwork for next week's planned closed-door interview with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Baker, as the FBI's top lawyer, helped secure the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant on Page, as well as three subsequent renewalsChristopher Steele, and Steele’s apparent bias against then-candidate Trump, were withheld from the FISA court…”


Most importantly [25th Amendment – Coup-Set Up), FBI lawyer James Baker’s testimony greatly differs from that of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s remarks in that the “Coup” reference (after FBI Director James Comey was fired) was to be taken seriously and acted upon (not as a sarcastic remark Deputy Rod Rosenstein indicated.


It should be duly noted that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein failed to testify before Congress on Thursday October 11th?




“Michael Sussmann initiated contact with him [FBI Lawyer James Baker] and provided documents as well as computer storage devices on Russian hacking [to the FBI]. The sources said Baker described the contact as unusual and the “only time it happened.”


“[Michael] Sussmann’s contact with [FBI Lawyer James] Baker suggests another connection between the early stages of the FBI’s Russia probe and those working with the DNC and Clinton campaign. Sussmann's bio on the Perkins Coie website describes him as a former senior Justice Department official with extensive national security and cybersecurity experience: "[Sussmann] is engaged on some of the most sophisticated, high-stakes matters today, such as his representation of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in their responses to Russian hacking in the 2016 presidential election."

Questions remain as to: 1) Did Michael Sussman work on both the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the FISA Warrant with Peter Strotz?  2) Did the information given by Michael Sussman to FBI lawyer James Baker differ than the information given by MI-6 agent Christopher Steele? 3) If the information differed from Christopher Steele’s information – who [to what extent did certain individuals] handle, review, alter, add and/or  delete facts from such critical information that went into the FISA warrant (given to the FBI by Michael Sussman)?  4) Did such pertinent warrant and background information provided (by Michael Sussman to the FBI) come from any black monies group sponsors who worked directly or indirectly with intelligence organizations or entities (agents) whose domestic or international networks help substantiate parts of the background information that went into the FISA warrant? How does Fusion GPS Nellie Orr and Glenn Simpson (owner) work in funding, communicating, handling, reviewing, add and/or deleting facts from such information that went into the FISA warrant (to the FBI by Michael Sussman?  

Read below: Conflict of Interest FBI Agent Peter Strotz:





SPECIAL NOTE: The FBI headquarters Deputy Assistant Peter Strotz handled two (2) major concurrent cases directed at Presidential candidates: 1) The Hillary Clinton Email case and 2) The Russian Interference Trump Collusion Case.  He also later joined in June 2017 Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel Investigation.  


IT MUST BE DULY NOTED:  FBI Headquarters (HQ) is there to support the investigations, and each Unit at the FBI Headquarters is part of a Section, so there are (in order of ascension) HQ supervisors, Unit Chiefs, Section Chiefs, Assistant Directors, and the FBI Director James Comey.  The FBI HQ supervisor stays in contact with the field supervisors within his assigned region and area of crime (espionage) and reports to the Unit Chief.  FBI Headquarters personnel DO NOT conduct or direct investigations. Those duties are in the realm of the FBI field offices.   


Most importantly,  traditionally in field offices, each case is assigned to one single case agent who is a field agent, or in some circumstances the case agent and a co-case agent.  The field office squad supervisor then can order other members of the squad to support that investigation, but each agent does have his or her own assigned cases.   


BOTTOM LINE: Why was Peter Strozk, a high ranking Bureau manager, assigned duties to direct any investigation?  Further, for Peter Strotz to be assigned to both key cases is a clear conflict of interest.  So there are two big inherent problems (issues): Why is an FBI headquarters manager directing ANY investigation; and how is it that none of the TOP FBI management  did not see FBI Agent Strotz directing both cases as a clear Conflict of Interest?


--------------------------------END SPECIAL NOTE---------------------------------


Two FBI Agents: Peter Strozk & FBI Lawyer Lisa Page

Lisa Page in closed door testimony acknowledged that there had not been any collusion – why was information not released sooner?  FBI Agent Peter Strozk  proceeded to move on collusion case with Acting Director Andrew McCabe [Director James Comey fired] (knowing  that there had been no evidence of collusion) to create a Special Counsel.

Conspiratorial Nature Of Special Counsel?

(Politically biased? – Politicallly Weaponized the FISA warrant)

Liaison relationship (affair between Storzk & Page):

The Storzk & Page text messages revealed they both:

·      Did not want Hillary Clinton charged

·      Did not want Donald Trump to win


FBI Agent Peter Strozk  & FBI Lawyer Lisa Page friends with FISA Judge Rudolph Contreras (who recused himself). Lisa Page also had an affair (relationship) with FISA judge: Judge Rudolph Contreras


Additional Key Information: FBI Agent Peter Strozk interviewed Michael Flynn in the Russian collusion case.  FBI Agent Peter Strozk was also part of the Hillary Clinton email investigation --- found on Anthony Weiner’s computer (sent by Huma Abedin) – which was addressed right before the November 7, 2016 Presidential elections – emails (Zero-hedge) determined not to be a National Security problem – no probable cause – little or no action.


Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s recommended termination by: 1) the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horwitz’s internal review and the 2) the FBI’s Office Of Professional Responsibility (OPR) – which was forwarded such detailed information (allegations of misconduct) from Inspector General Horwitz.  McCabe leaked Information (unauthorized disclosure) to the Wall Street Journal regarding an on-going FBI public corruption investigation of the Clinton Foundation.


---Required by Statute (50 U.S.C.) a FISA order (warrant) on an American citizen must be renewed every 90 days and each renewal requires a separate finding of probable cause---

Deputy FBI DirectorAndrew McCabe signed off on one FISA warrant.

FBI Director Comey signed off on three FISA warrants.

Acting Attorney General (AAG) Sally Yates, AAG Dana Boente, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein signed off on one or more FISA warrants.











“And most conspicuously, Schiff’s response is silent on one of the most damning allegations from the Nunes memo: That acting FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe told the House Intelligence Committee in December that “no surveillance warrant would have been sought from the FISC (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) without the Steele dossier information.”


“The FBI also had reason to view his research with skepticism—on grounds of its tabloid-like allegations, and also on the near-fantastical claim of skill that underlay it. To wit, that a man who had been out of official spy rings for seven years was nonetheless able, in a matter of weeks and with just a few calls from London, where he lives, to unravel an international conspiracy that had eluded the CIA, FBI, MI6 and every other Western intelligence agency, all of which have access to the globe’s most sophisticated surveillance tools.”

“But rather than proceed with caution, the FBI swallowed the whole package. According to Sen. Chuck Grassley’s declassified criminal referral, former Director James Comey testified that the bureau couldn’t meaningfully corroborate the dossier, but used it in Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court proceedings anyway because Mr. Steele had previously provided “reliable” information.”

Questions: What working relationship did FBI Director Comey have with British Agent Steele? Did previous associations require obtaining FISA warrants?


The Brennan Center Report On FISA (2015):

What Went Wrong With The FISA COURT

Excerpts Brennan Center Report Pages 4-5:

Fundamental changes are needed to fix these [FISA COURT] flaws. Following Snowden’s disclosures, several bills were introduced to try to ensure that the court would hear the other side of the argument, generally from some type of public advocate. Other bills addressed the court’s secrecy by requiring the executive branch to declassify significant opinions or release summaries. These proposals would make important improvements, but they do not address the full range of constitutional deficiencies resulting from the changes in law and technology detailed in this report. The problem with the FISA Court is far broader than a particular procedure or rule. The problem with the FISA Court is FISA.


The Brennan Center report proposes a set of key changes to FISA to help restore the court’s legitimacy.


• Congress should end programmatic surveillance and require the government to obtain judicial approval whenever it seeks to obtain communications or information involving Americans.  This would resolve many constitutional concerns.


• Congress should shore up the Article III soundness of the FISA Court

by ensuring that the interests of those affected by surveillance are represented in court proceedings, increasing transparency, and facilitating the ability of affected individuals to challenge surveillance  programs in regular federal courts.


The  Brennan Center report proposes a set of key changes to FISA to help restore the court’s legitimacy.


• Congress should end programmatic


• Finally, Congress should address additional Fourth Amendment concerns by ensuring that the collection of information under the rubric of “foreign intelligence” actually relates to our national security and does not constitute an end-run around the constitutional standards for criminal investigations.


Under today’s foreign intelligence surveillance system, the government’s ability to collect information about ordinary Americans’ lives has increased exponentially while judicial oversight has been reduced to near-nothingness. Nothing less than a fundamental overhaul of the type proposed here is needed to restore the system to its constitutional moorings.

--------------------END BRENNAN CENTER FISA REPORT-----------------

Final Questions:

·      U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY RISKS: How has National Security been compromised or put at risk ? If so, how so?


·      CONSTITUTIONAL MOORINGS: How has the U.S. Constitution been usurped, undermined or circumvented?  Do certain actions create a constitutional crisis?


·      COVERT OPERATIONS: How have covert operations (sources & methods) been sacrificed, exposed or put at risk?  [Loose Lips And Loose USG Cybersecurity (Defensive/Offensive Weapons) Sink Ships)?


·      POLITICAL INTERESTS & NATIONAL SECURITY: How have political interests manipulated or sacrificed National Security?


·      U.S. DEPARTMENTS & AGENCIES – RESPONSIBILITY & ACCOUNTABLITY: How have USG departments or agencies over stepped their bounds?


·      U.S. DEPARTMENTS & AGENCIES –  MANDATES: How have USG departments or agencies  fulfilled or not fulfilled their mandates?


·      INFLUENCE OF POLITICAL OR SPECIAL INTERESTS: Have or have not political or special interests held sway over National Security?


·      U.S. DOMESTIC & FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE: Has the U.S. intelligence community suffered because of political and special interests?


·      CONSTITUTIONAL CONCERNS: As the U.S. Supreme Court has jurisdiction over all federal courts (judicial oversight), what role can the Supreme Court play to ensure the U.S. Constitution has been adhered to (not violated) and ensure the FISA judges (robust peer review every 2 years) and the Executive Branch have acted in accord with the U.S. Constitution (Fourth Amendment concerns)?





5 EYES – 9 EYES and 14 EYES (SIGNET)


The Five Eyes are cooperating with various 3rd Party countries in at least two groups:


Five Eyes (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand)

  • The "Nine Eyes", consisting of the Five Eyes plus Denmark, France, the Netherlands, and Norway.
  • The "Fourteen Eyes", consisting of the same countries as the Nine Eyes plus Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Sweden.

Political & Weaponized FISA Warrant:



APPENDIX B: Obama Administration Espionage Act 1917



The Obama administration used the 1917 Espionage Act with unprecedented vigor, prosecuting more people under that law for leaking sensitive information to the public than all previous administrations combined. Obama's Justice Department dug into confidential communications between news organizations and their sources as part of that effort.

In 2013 the Obama administration obtained the records of 20 Associated Press office phone lines and reporters' home and cell phones, seizing them without notice, as part of an investigation into the disclosure of information about a foiled al-Qaida terrorist plot.

AP was not the target of the investigation. But it called the seizure a "massive and unprecedented intrusion" into its news-gathering activities, betraying information about its operations "that the government has no conceivable right to know."

Obama's Justice Department also secretly dogged Fox News journalist James Rosen, getting his phone records, tracking his arrivals and departures at the State Department through his security-badge use, obtaining a search warrant to see his personal emails and naming him as a possible criminal conspirator in the investigation of a news leak.

"The Obama administration," The New York Times editorial board wrote at the time, "has moved beyond protecting government secrets to threatening fundamental freedoms of the press to gather news."





“CIA is using popular TV’s, smartphones, and cars to spy on its owners.”




QUESTIONS 3: 1)  Did the CIA use the Cherry Blossom Tool Kit or other CIA cybersecurity attack platforms (code)  to spy on the Senate Intelligence Committee?  Did the CIA use Cherry Blossom Tool Kit or other CIA cybersecurity attack platforms (code) to spy on the President Trump Campaign, Trump family, President Trump transition team or the RNC? 3) Did the CIA use Cherry Blossom Tool Kit or other CIA cybersecurity attack platforms (code) to spy on any U.S. elected or appointed officials or their families.