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MAY 17, 2020


 "Coronavirus and China's Censorship" 

with Jun & Wen Chen


Our guest, Jun (no last name given for her safety)


Guest for 1st hour, Jun

As a former member of the Chinese Communist Party, Jun shares her journey from indoctrination by the Chinese government to an unvarnished understanding of American freedom and liberty. Lively and engaging, June will hold you in rapt attention as she discusses her own experiences, and sounds a warning signal to all Americans about the ever-encroaching threats of socialism and communism.


Her topics on today's show will include:

  • The humanitarian crisis that's sweeping China
  • The long-arm of China through WHO and media influence, and how it affects us
  • A wake-up call to global economy and pharmaceutical industry
  • The likelihood of COVID-19 becoming a seasonal pandemic


Socialism and its big brother, Communism, has been tried for more than 100 years by hundreds of millions of people, and the results are always the same: Its fruits are death, destruction, and despair.

While the threat of terrorism is visible to Americans as they are forced through more and more security screenings, infiltration of socialism and communism in our country is mostly hidden. Silently and effectively, they have eroded the foundation of America through systematic attacks on our education system, economy, morality, and traditional culture. As our nation is horribly divided, it is vital for all of us to recognize this new form of evil in order to win this battle.

Born and raised in China, Jun graduated from one of the top universities where she became a member of the communist party. In the late 1990s she came to the U.S. hoping to advance her career. She has been involved in public speech to offer honest insights of China and to raise awareness of China’s Human Rights issues since 2008.

In addition to her public involvement, Jun has a Master’s degree in Business Administration. She has been working for a Fortune 100 company for over 17 years as a management professional. Jun is an avid world traveler, a leisure sailor and a hard-core hiker.


Joining in second hour: Dr. Wen Chen
Wen was born in China at the end of the Great Cultural Revolution. Being victims of the horrific atrocity that killed two million intellectuals and destroyed traditional Chinese culture, Wen's parents had mixed feelings about her education. Despite their discouragement, Wen eventually won a national prize at a science competition when she was 16. Hence, she was accepted into a top university for undergraduate study. In 1994, Wen came to the U.S. for graduate school and received a doctorate in Biology at the California Institute of Technology in 2000. Because of her personal experience of being brainwashed in China, she decided to be a voice for the voiceless. Since 2012, she has given over 200 presentations to community organizations about Chinese culture, history, and human rights.

Dr. Wen Chen has been working for Caltech since 2000 as a scientific curator on genomics and biological knowledge. Part of her everyday work is to speak at scientific conferences and seminars in universities like UC San Diego and Harvard Medical School. In her personal life, she is an active member of the Amnesty International Chapter at Pasadena, a board member for Caltech Women in Biology and Biological Engineering, and a special event host for the Caltech Alumni Association. She lives in Pasadena with her husband and two teenage daughters.


Coronavirus and China’s Censorship 


The spread of Wuhan Coronavirus raised worldwide attention towards China’s policy towards epidemics and public health. With the coronavirus death exceeding the SARS fatalities in 2003, people start to wonder why both outbreaks happened in China. More and more evidence emerged that the Chinese authority deliberately hid the contagious fact of the coronavirus for three weeks by punishing medical doctors who disclosed the information on social media. The censorship of information eventually led to the epidemic outbreak in Wuhan followed by the biggest quarantine in human history. The actual statistics of infection and death rate in China remain a mystery as the Chinese authority controls the published numbers while declining international medical experts from entering Wuhan. Multiple scientific publications hinted that the Wuhan coronavirus is likely “man-made” after studying its genome sequence. Besides a scientific review of the coronavirus, understanding the deep reason behind the Chinese government’s disaster response is important for us to expect its consequences and how to shape future U.S.-China policies.


Wen Chen, Ph.D.

Public Speaker for Chinese Culture, History and Human Rights


Twitter: @WenChenPasadena

Her topics on today's show will include:

  • The origin of the virus from a bio-science perspective
  • How the human rights oppression in Wuhan contributed to a swift outbreak


Dr. Chen also speaks on the following topics:

 Art & Culture:
1. The Renaissance of Chinese Culture

2. Traditional Chinese Attire

3. The Science of Tea Making

Human Rights & Society:
1. Human Rights Movement in China

2. North Korea and China


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