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AUGUST 16, 2020


"How Beijing's Communist regime poses a greater threat to America than other countries and how this administration has been the most effective in protecting American society from Communist threat in half a century"

Our guest: Eureka Young

Hour 2


About our Guest:

Mr. Eureka Young came to the United States from China as a college student in 1988. He attended Eastern Michigan University in a small town 10 miles east of Ann Arbor (where University of Michigan is located).

After graduate school, he worked in a Booz Allen Hamilton spin-off, whose search engine was deployed among leading enterprises and government agencies. First as a kernel engineer, and later as an independent consultant, Mr. Young handled high availability and high throughput information needs of clients worldwide, including financial news profiling at Dow Jones, built-in information retrieval features in Adobe Acrobat and Lotus Notes, interest rate announcements by Mexico's central bank, and corporate solutions by London-based consulting firm Accenture.

Mr. Young continued his career in real-time information processing after the search engine company was acquired by UK-based Autonomy, which in turn was acquired by HP. He currently works at a major financial services company.

Since 2012, Mr. Young has provided research, analysis and other services to private investors and not-for-profit organizations, covering macroeconomic and geopolitical topics in US-China relations.

Topics for Today's Show:

[1] How Beijing's Communist regime poses a greater threat to America than others

  • We have heard about Huawei, TikTok. Recently more direct threats have been identified by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP).  Nobody knows why seeds are being randomly shipped from China to U.S. citizens.


[1.1] 10,800 Assault Weapons Parts Seized by CBP in Louisville Jun 26, 2020


[1.2] Immigration and Customs Enforcement seizes US website selling assault weapon components, silencers from China Jul 13, 2020


[1.3] 2,000 fake IDs from China seized in Memphis


[1.4] Nearly 20,000 fake IDs, mostly from China, seized at O'Hare Aug 8, 2020


[1.5] $252,300 of counterfeit money, from China, seized in Cincinnati


[1.6]  Twitter deletes 170,000 accounts linked to China influence campaign - Content focused on Covid-19 and the protests in Hong Kong and over George Floyd in the US


[1.7] Virus crisis requires global, people-oriented solutions US Communists calls for defeating Trump and the GOP in November.


[1.7.1] US Communists join 230+ global political parties calling for international COVID-19 cooperation

  • The open letter initiated by Beijing calls for building a common health destiny of mankind under Beijing's leadership.
  • Beijing-based People's Daily and Xinhua News Agency published the full text of the open letter.

[1.8] American Maoists Re-brand, Focus on Electoral Politics, Target the South Trevor Loudon Nov 11, 2019


[1.9] Communist Parties Coordinate Violent US Protests Trevor Loudon Jun 11, 2020


[2] Trump administration -- most effective in protecting American society from Communist threat in half a century

  • This administration is changing the United States' long term China policy, which Communist leaders in Beijing have taken for granted, and taken full advantage of, for nearly half a century.


[2.1] Czech - recognizing Beijing as a threat greater than Russia

  • Today an even greater threat is the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party and its campaigns of coercion and control.  In your country alone, we see influence campaigns against your politicians and your security forces; we see the theft of industrial data that you have created through your innovation and creativity; we see the use of economic levels[1] to stifle freedom itself....


  • Americans now recognize that the CCP, which is totally separate from the Chinese people, threatens their values and their way of life.  Both parties in Washington agree on very little, but on this, we all know what weíre up against.  I spend a great deal of time talking to members of both of our political parties.  The tide has turned, just as I see it turning here in Europe as well.  The West is winning.  Donít let anybody tell you about the decline of the West.  That is false.  That is their narrative.



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  • Iíve heard the same observations from political leaders across the spectrum, most recently in London.  Those meetings reminded me that there are plenty of European leaders eager to lean into freedom.


  • But itís going to take all of us.  It will take us working together here in Prague, in Poland, in Portugal.  We have the obligation to speak clearly and plainly to our people and without fear.  We must confront the complex questions presented by this challenge, and we must do so together.


[2.2] Building strong partnership with Taiwan and other democracies


  • In responding to questions on Beijing's anger over the visit of Secretary Alex Azar, of Dept of Health and Human Services, to Taiwan, Secretary Pompeo referred to twice to Taiwan as a country. He also used the term "Taiwanese" twice, the first time referring to the government on the island, and the second time referring to its people.


  • In the Shanghai Communique signed during Richard Nixon's groundbreaking trip in Feb 1972, it is stated that:


  • "The United States acknowledges that all Chinese on either side of the Taiwan Strait maintain there is but one China and that Taiwan is a part of China. The United States Government does not challenge that position."


  • It took nearly 8 years of arduous negotiations, with give-and-take and sidestepping or putting off differences between the two sides, the US recognized the legitimacy of Beijing on Jan 1, 1979.


[3] It will take ALL of us to protect our society, our values, and our American way of life


[3.1] Friendship between American and Chinese people date back for at least 150 years


  • It is time for everyone to see Beijing's Communist rulers as they are.


  • It takes everyone in business, academia, public service, as well as private citizens, to raise awareness why Beijing's Communist regime is a bigger threat than others -- it has taken advantage of America's openness and goodwill for far too long.


[3.2] Assistant Secretary David Stilwell's warning to Beijing on its hostility toward US goodwill



  • The fact is that for decades American policymakers have extended the hand of friendship to the PRC, and yet that has not been reciprocated.


  • This historical record will show that clearly.


  • U.S. support for Chinaís development was deliberate, direct, and specific.


  • Unfortunately, the PRC has acted in recent years with increasing hostility toward the United States, our interests, and our principles.


  • ... itís worth recalling that U.S. optimism and friendship toward China and the Chinese people dates back centuries. American missionaries established hospitals and universities in China in the 1800s. American diplomats backed the open-door policy in the late 1800s. And then they set up the Boxer Indemnity Scholarship in 1909 that seated [Ts]in[g]hua University. American soldiers defended China during World War II, sacrificing thousands of lives to support our alliance commitment and resist an expansive and aggressive force. After the war, America insisted that China receive a seat among the founding members of the United Nations and a veto on the Security Council.


[3.3] Specific actions Chinese Americans may take


[3.3.1] We need support China policies initiated by this administration, which have gained support from people across the entire political spectrum, to face up to Beijing in defending our values and our political process.


[3.3.2] It is time for overseas Chinese to tell Beijing's leaders=>rulers (this refers to the current regime in Beijing, who legitimacy is no longer fully recognized by Trump administration; earlier refereces to "Bejing's leaders" have been retained as administrations back then were still dealing with them) there is absolutely NO systemic discrimination again Chinese Americans in the US.


  • It is Beijing's Communist leaders=>rulers, by sending PLA researchers, and


  • By threatening Taiwan with force, Beijing's leaders=>rulers are threatening the legitimacy of their own regime.


  • It is time that Chinese living abroad to tell leaders=>Beijing's rulers, the tide is turning...


[3.3.3] Beijing has difficulty reconciling its harsh domestic suppression and its weakened international position at the wake of the Wuhan virus.


  • Beijing never told Chinese people that the three US-China communiques (not to mention Taiwan Relations Act, which is also a integral part of United State's one-China policy) have a prerequisite, that the United States has a keen interest in seeing the issue of Taiwan resolved peacefully. The establishing of the diplomatic relations, the reduction in arms sales, the recognition of the legitimacy of Beijing's regime are ALL hinged on this prospect of peace across the Taiwan strait.


  • By threatening Taiwan with force, Beijing's leaders are threatening the legitimacy of their own regime.


  • It is time that Chinese living abroad to tell the leaders, the tide is turning -- a growing number of people, from HK to Taiwan, to Europe, and to North America, are saying no to a totalitarian regime, saying yes to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom from fear of family and friends back in China being implicated when one openly defends American values at this critical moment in American history.


  • Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai released on bail within 36 hours, despite that according to Article 42 of the new National Security Law, one cannot be released on bail, can be extradited to mainland for trial, and can face up to lifetime in prison.


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