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SEPTEMBER 27, 2020



"The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) versus the People of China"

Dr. Shizhong Chen

About Dr. Shizhong Chen

Dr. Shizhong Chen has been active in projects concerning China for over 30 years. He has founded, co-founded, or been spokesperson for a number of organizations concerning China, and has spoken extensively on issues related to China.

Dr. Chen began his activism in 1989, when he helped to organize supporting activities during the 1989 Beijing Student Movement. Outraged by the June 4th Massacre, Dr. Chen founded the Tiananmen Square Foundation, has served on the Board of the Press Freedom Guardian, and was elected as the vice president of The Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars in the U.S.

Upon learning the brutal persecution of Falun Gong in China, Dr. Chen founded the Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group in 2001, and has since submitted over 100,000 cases of human rights abuses against Falun Gong practitioners to UN Special Rapporteurs. He also founded and is President of the Conscience Foundation, a non-profit organization to publicize and remind people that the human conscience is the very essence of humanity.

Dr. Chen has spoken extensively on the issue of human rights in China. Since 2001, he has frequented meetings of the U.N. Human Rights Commission in Geneva (now the Human Rights Council), spoken to the Council, to Special Rapporteurs, and at many forums to forward the cause of human rights. He was a panelist at an annual meeting of the California Bar Association, has spoken to Amnesty International’s US West Region, and has made numerous appearances at various forums and on radio and TV shows and interviews.

Among the books that Dr. Chen has authored or co-authored are: Stories of Conscience, The Falun Gong Report, Falun Gong, Humanity’s Last Stand, now in its third edition, and, most recently, a comprehensive report on the extensive psychiatric torture taking place in China.

In 2005, Dr. Chen conceived the idea of the Courageous People, Spirited Land TV series and implemented the project. The programs have since become very popular in China where viewers have been disseminating them defying Chinese regime’s prohibition.

From 2010, Dr. Chen has given a presentation on The Renaissance of Chinese Culture over one hundred Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, Lion Clubs, and various colleges.

From 2012, Dr. Chen has been working with a group of activists in China to use China’s current laws to defend civil rights.

Dr. Chen was born in China in 1962. At 15, he entered the gifted program at China University of Science and Technology. He came to the U.S. in 1982 to study and received his Ph.D. degree in molecular biology at University of California, San Diego. He currently owns and runs a molecular biology startup in San Diego.




Here is a link to one of the manuscripts mentioned in Dr. Chen's bio, and may provide some background to a topic that will be covered in our show:

Here are links to one episode of the documentaries that The Conscience Foundation have produced, in case you are interested:




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Discussed on today's show:

  • Major flooding in China
  • Three Gorges Dam - largest dam in the world and it is failing
  • 1959-1960 Mao famine 60 Million people starved to death

From our guest:

Many things have happened since we last spoke. I would like to pick the following to discuss:

1. The CCP's counter-governance:

On top of the coronavirus, China has been hit with a massive flood. A complete failure to respond to these disasters is not a surprise on the part of the CCP, what even surprised me is how the CCP dictators responded. To explain the CCP's dictators behavior, I came up with the term counter-governance. There is good government, bad government, and completely failed government. The CCP's behavior is beyond a fail government, so I call it counter-governance. To make an analogy, there are wit, low wit, but there may be counter-wit.

I will cover some of the CCP's counter-governance behaviors in:

        i. the massive flood

        ii. celebration of victory over the coronavirus

        iii. causing more domestic crisis in Hong Kong, inner-Mongolia, and economic policies

        iv. causing more international conflict with India, in south China Sea, with Taiwan


I will discuss how these counter-governance behaviors should teach us about the nature of the CCP.  The radical DEMS and BLM resembles the CCP in their counter-wit behavior. I should cover this as the third topic.


2. America's new China policy:  I will summarize and comment on some of the significant changes.

3. China policy and the US election