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OCTOBER 25, 2020



"Western Forest Fires - Climate Change or Bad Forest Policy?"

with Ray Haupt, a registered professional forester / USFS retired

About our guest: Ray Haupt

Federal Service 1976-2010

I began my Forestry Career in Mt. Shasta in 1976 with the US Forest Service. I graduated from Cal Poly San Louis Obispo in Natural Resources Management and Forestry in 1978 and returned to complete advanced studies in Forest Engineering and Economics at Humboldt State University in 1980.

My career included work in WA, CA and FL managing National Forest Programs including Fisheries, Wildlife, Saw timber, Biomass and Pulp/Paper raw products. A portion of my work included serving as a Logging Systems specialist and a Timber Contracting Officer and finished my career on the Klamath National Forest.

  • I served on Incident Management Teams in Operations and Logistics in Two USFS Regions as a IMT2 qualified member, Participated or directed over 1Million Acres of Prescribed Fire in three Regions. Served on the formulation Team in Florida for the National Prescribed Fire Training Center, on the Regional NEPA Training Cadre and taught multiple courses at the National Fire Training Center at McClellan AFB Sacramento,
  • Served 7 years on the Region 5 Line Officer Team for Fire Policy development and implementation with assigned duties of Regional Trainer and Certifier of Line Officers, assigned multiple times as the Regional Foresters Representative Team Lead on Fire investigations and led the Regional team who wrote and implemented the R-5 policy on Wilderness Fires, Wilderness Mechanized Equipment Authorizations and Appropriate Management Response for Fire Incidents. I led a Regional Team who developed the Project Activity Level (PAL) Fire Risk System replacing Sale Activity Level (SAL).

I am a recipient of many USFS National/Regional awards for technical expertise in Fuels Mgmt., Fire Behavior Modification, Fire Response, Forest Mgmt. and Vegetation manipulation.


Personal Recognitions include;

  • National Awards for recovery of ESA species using Science based Forest Management and fire applications.
  • Regional Awards for modifications of Landscape Fire Behavior using vegetative fuels modeling techniques and requisite Forest Manipulation on the Klamath NF.
  • Multiple Congressional recognitions in Forest Management Leadership in Service to rural communities and their economies.
  • Dozens of exemplary Leadership service recognitions in Management of Public Lands.
  • Certified to Manage Fire and Prescribed Fires at the highest National Complexity as a USFS Line Officer.


I retired from Federal Service after 33 years in 2010 after serving 12 years as a District Ranger on the Klamath NF.

Early Retirement 2010- 2014

For the first 4 years of retirement, I taught Forest Ecology, Dendrology, Hydrology and Forest Mensuration at the College of the Siskiyous in Weed for an accredited transfer program to Humboldt State University’s 4-year Bachelor of Science Degree in Forestry.

Prior to running for elected office in Siskiyou County, I participated on numerous work groups authoring and editing 4 pieces of forest legislation for the Natural Resource Committee in the US House of Representatives. That work continues today as opportunities arise as well as coordination on national issues facing the public lands and Forest Industry.

Elected Office Work 2014- Present

I am serving my second term as Siskiyou County Supervisor District 5, own a business Consulting as a CA Registered Professional Forester, a member of NAFSR (National Association of Forest Service Retiree’s) and serve as a delegate to the NAFSR Fire Committee. Two most important areas of my personal focus include; Using Forest management for protection of communities from wildfire while increasing jobs and economy in performance of that work and in enhancing and protecting the future of Agriculture and other Natural Resource based industries in our County.

Current Siskiyou County Supervisor Appointments and Assignments:


  • Siskiyou County Flood Control and Water Conservation District - Director
  • Siskiyou Power Authority - Director
  • Airport Land Use Commission - Director
  • County Service Area 3, 4, 5 – Director
  • In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Public Authority
  • Siskiyou County Air Pollution Control District – Director
  • NACO     Alternate Delegate
  • Sierra-Sacramento LEMSA - Alternate
  • American Forest resource Council – Member and Delegate
  • Siskiyou County Resource Advisory Council – Delegate
  • Siskiyou County Regional Solid Waste Joint Powers Authority – Alternate Delegate
  • Criminal Justice Department Head Delegate
  • Criminal Justice Partners – Delegate
  • Siskiyou County Law Enforcement Drug Task Force - Delegate
  • Siskiyou County Fire Chiefs Steering Committee – County Representative
  • Siskiyou County CA OES - Delegate

My wife and I have been married for 43 years and we have made Etna California our home for the past 22 years. We have three adult children and a growing number of Grandchildren in three western states.


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Information from Ray for today's show:

Here is a good article, fair and balanced on fires and the actual data on climate for the last century. This was written after my meeting with the Governor and President.