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JUNE 13, 2021



"The Real South Africa"

"Part 14 - Have Americans Lost Their Minds!"

with Dr. Harry Booyens


About Dr. Harry Booyens

Harry Booyens is an internationally recognized, multiple award winning PhD Defense & Aerospace physicist. Originally from South Africa, with a 360-year bloodline in that country, he lives with his family on the forested slopes outside Vancouver, Canada. His life as a scientist exposed him to many of the realities of the Cold War and the period immediately following the Fall of the Berlin Wall. It included interaction with the United States and British defense establishment. He applies his lifetime of research and interpretive skills to History and Genealogy, and writes with factual accuracy and engaging style on these subjects. Hard evidence is a trademark of his work and has won him a number of awards. He focuses on  making Americans aware of what is happening in South Africa, the historic parallels between the two countries, and the warning that South Africa holds for Western Civilization in general and the United States of America in particular.

His Book (details below): AmaBhulu - The Birth and Death of the Second America

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The Great Obama Reversal : LINK (my view over the Obama years.. I suspect you will enjoy it)

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AmaBhulu - The Birth and Death of the Second America

The West has finally realized that “bringing Democracy” to the Middle East and Southwest Asia is not necessarily in the best interests of Western Civilization. Radical Islam is hijacking its plans and making a mockery of Democracy itself.

In South Africa, an earlier experiment in Bestowed Democracyis failing under a burden of abuse. Much taken with its own role in undoing apartheid a full generation earlier, the West prefers to look away. It appears to treat the plight of Western people in that country as a form of required penance. In the process, it indulges what is in effect a corrupt One-Party State Kleptocracy run along the Party Congress lines of its original mentor, the defunct Soviet Union.

AmaBhulu is a view of South Africa through eyes different from those employed in fifty years of media reporting, social science, and politics. The author walks the reader from the 1652 landing of the Dutch to the present by following his own family bloodlines as example through the documented history of the country, supported by copious evidence. As settlers, soldiers, slaves, and indigenes, they farm, they fight, they triumph, and they lose. They are mercilessly impaled and massacred by savage African tyrants. They are hanged and fusilladed by an imperial overlord, and herded into concentration camps. Yet, they persevere to create a key Western Christian country; the envy of all Africa and a Cold War bulwark of the West. Eventually it falls to the author to describe the loss of his country through forces beyond his control.

In 1797 the British Royal Navy feared South Africa would become a “Second America” for Britain, while, in the 20th century, the country was to Africa what the United States was to the world. AmaBhulu describes the developing crisis in the Second America that will inevitably entangle the First America. It is a study in the death of Civilization by its own collective hand; a severe warning for the West.

AmaBhulu should give pause to every thinking Westerner

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AmaBhulu the Blog

AmaBhulu – The Birth and Death of the Second America was first published in November 2013 as an e-book, and is now also available in a 630 page B&W printed softcover edition. This work is a comprehensive study of the complete history of South Africa, but with the unique differentiation that it tracks a few real bloodlines through that entire history. AmaBhulu describes how real individuals of European and North American descent experienced that epic history on the ground. The reader is placed among these real people. The author is the first to point out that his family is in this respect “dreadfully typical” and completely representative. AmaBhulu is therefore not a family history, but a History of a Nation by way of a few example bloodlines who happened to have been at the key formative events in that history.

These bloodlines systematically converge and by the 1950s they lead to the author and his wife, proving the author’s natural DNA-based authority in writing on the subject. AmaBhulu thereby also differs from the library of books by British newspapermen talking either about or to Afrikaners who are then treated as “subjects”. In AmaBhulu the world may hear an ordinary Afrikaner—not a reporter beholden to his editor, politician beholden to his party, or government-paid political history professor beholden to his pay cheque—talking about his own people based on actual experience, backed by solid evidence. The author is beholden to no one and no thing; only to his conscience, to his ethics, and to his respect for evidence.

AmaBhulu provides more than 1280 notes in evidence and a massive 270 bibliographic entries in support of any points it makes. The evidence is often from 17th-19th century texts, communications, or diaries. In more recent cases, the evidence is provided from British Hansardrecords and recently cleared US State Department documents. The author even provides recent documented supporting evidence from the enemy he was opposing.

Join the author in the epic and painful story of the Afrikaner nation as it evolves at the southern tip of Africa to build the country that became to Africa what America was to the world in the 20th century. In one sense, it is the story of what would have happened to the United States if it had not gained independence in the 18th century.

In 1797 the British Royal Navy was concerned that South Africa would become a “Second America” and take India from them. AmaBhulu holds stern warning for the First America if it wishes to avoid the present sad fate of the Second America.


For our discussion today:

Issue #1

Communist University Professors

Prague, Czechoslovakia,

Just prior to the 1968 Soviet invasion

In Prague, an eminent European theologian, the Protestant Josef Hromadka, held that the churches could cooperate in this Communist regime, which put forward ideals of social justice, until he was utterly disheartened by the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. Such people tried to set up debate with Marxist thinkers who ruled the universities. It did not work; communist professors did not like to give respectability to religious people by being seen to be willing to debate with them.

Owen Chadwick

A History of Christianity (1995)

Does any of this sound familiar? This is what happens when people do not learn from History. I have no difficulty describing the situation in South Africa to people from Cold War Eastern Europe or Russia. They recognise it all. My problem is in describing it to Americans, who are babes in the wood in this arena.

Issue #2

About Senile and mentally incapacitated Leaders

By the Mid-1980s Brezhnev, leader of the USSR, was clearly in mental decline. He harboured an intense delusion that the US & NATO were imminently going to attack the USSR. The KGB received instructions to look for exceptional hours of office lights at NATO establishments etc etc etc. It put a huge burden on the KGB. Given that he lived with his finger on the button that could erase humanity, this was a problem. The Party elders eventually realised that it had all gone too far when Brezhnev tried to give a prestigious military medal to an actor who had played a Soviet spy in a movie about wartime Germany. He thought the actor had really been a spy!! Is Biden going to give William Shatner a Space Force medal for “bravely going where no man has gone before medal for”.

As it is, I am terrified of wearing a COVID mask anywhere near a white circle on the ground. If I happened to stray into the circle and I accidentally grunted, I may just be made president of the US.

Issue #3

Who’s calling the shots?

And, given the above,  you trust Biden with his hand on the “football”? I have no faith that any Democrat functionary can tell the difference between “the demented” and “the socially concerned”. So, you need to be worrying about who is REALLY making the decisions at this time, because it sure as hell is NOT Biden. Under Obama it was Ben Rhodes (Foreign Policy) and Valerie Jarrett ( Domestic). So, who is it now? Obama via Susan Rice? Just asking. This is a nightmare.

Issue #4:

Black Lives Matter wants land taken from White US farmers and given to Blacks.

I then thought I’ve been warning you guys about this for years now? I am not clairvoyant. All that I have that is “different”, is that I was born in South Africa, the place the Democrats obviously would like to turn the United States into since Clinton met Mandela. A short Whatsapp message from my own blood first cousin in SA this morning states:

Dunno what time it is there. We are now Darkest Africa. We have no power due to load shedding ( after collapse of the power infrastructure). South Africa is finished; it is over! Everything is f***d up;  everything has been stolen. You are way better off over there; It is awful over here. No more working roads; cannot drive at night anymore. Nails thrown in roads to force your car to a stop and then you are attacked. My children and I simply do not have the money to leave here.

And he lives in the “peaceful western part” of the country near Cape town. He used to be a bank manager until he was forced out for being white.

Like us, you will die with a whimper unless you take back your country from the sick entities who now run it. And you cannot fight the people who stole your elections by operating within the Queensberry Rules. These people are fighting for keeps; your guys are fighting with both hands tied behind their backs. It is like watching the Russian Spacial Forces decimate National Guard “weekend warriors”. And yes, I have met members of both.

Issue #5

Trump’s two greatest errors that we are now stuck with:

Underestimating just how evil, malicious, destructive and undermining the Democrat machine is.

Not believing he was going to win and therefore not having a Shadow Administration in position on election night. It left him with an antagonistic and undermining administrative woodwork that he never got past. He was toast before he even started. And the problem is not Trump, it is the machine that was (not) behind him.

An honorable enemy is a friend you just have not met yet. A dishonourable “friend” is one you will regret unto death.


I can go on…..