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OCTOBER 31 2021



"Cannabis - Induced Psychosis"

with Heidi Anderson-Swan

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About  Heidi Anderson-Swan

Heidi is the co-author of A Night In Jail. Adapted as a novella, film and play, this gritty Young Adult fictional story is the first to illustrates Cannabis - Induced Psychosis (a diagnosis in the DSM-5).

A Night In Jail is inspired by her brother’s true life as a homeless drug addict with schizophrenia who went to jail eighteen times. With advocates from, and led by long-time Schizophrenia Researcher, Dr. Christine Miller, Heidi met with the Drug Advisors for then-Senator Kamala Harris and Senator Dianne Feinstein. As a consultant, she worked with Los Angeles Defense Attorney, Bob Schwartz. In partnership with Behavioral Health Services (a contractor with Los Angeles County Substance Abuse Prevention and Control), she co - sponsored in-person and virtual events utilizing the film and play, A Night In Jail.

As a speaker, Heidi has presented for the 2nd Annual Teaching Cannabis Awareness and Prevention Virtual Conference (co - chaired by Stanford’s Bonnie Halpern), Smart Approaches to Marijuana, Alcoholics and Substance Abuse Providers of New York State, NAMI in Long Beach and Solano County, and many other organizations.

As a board member of Parents Opposed to Pot, she has been interviewed by NBC-LA interviewed Heidi and Kirk about their short film and its goal to prevent homelessness. Heidi is also on the Advisory Board of Johnny’s Ambassadors.

A NIGHT IN JAIL: A story about drugs and mental illness, inspired by true events Paperback – October 18, 2017

by H.A. Swan  (Author), K. Anderson (Author)
Inspired by true events.Busted for smoking pot, suburbanite college-bound Danny is incredulous when forced to spend the night in jail. He’s repulsed by his cellmate, a homeless and mentally ill drug addict who keeps him awake all night with his delusional rants. By morning Danny’s world is completely upended. A Night In Jail is a grim page-turner with a staggering ending.




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