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MARCH 13 2022


"All or Nothing"


Dr. Lyle Rapacki

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Watch Dr. Rapackis interviews on the election fraud investigation: 


About Dr. Lyle Rapacki:

Dr. Lyle Rapacki is a Private-Sector Intelligence, Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment Specialist. Since June of 2010, Dr. Rapacki has provided selected members of the Arizona Legislature Intelligence Briefings on Border Security and threats to Arizona sovereignty. Lyle also receives, analyzes and disseminates critical intelligence from and to law enforcement, intelligence, and governmental communities. He is the author of dozens of White Papers, bulletins and briefings, many of which have received distribution to and by local, state, and federal law enforcement, intelligence and public safety agencies nationally. Lyle is the owner of Sentinel Intelligence Services, LLC which carries out these functions, as well as provides consultations to elected officials in and out of Arizona and clients in industry.

Lyle earned a Bachelorís Degree in Political Science and Masterís Degree in Counseling from Northern Arizona University, and his Doctorate from Clayton College of Natural Medicine specializing in the treatment of psychological disorders. He also holds a Post-doctorate Diplomate in Forensic Counseling and another in Behavioral Psychotherapy. Dr. Rapacki taught in the Criminal Justice Department at Wayland Baptist University, Phoenix campus, and at Grand Canyon University where he also held the position of Director for the Public Safety Administration, Homeland Security and Crisis Management programs. He wass a member of the FBI InfraGard Program for Arizona, past Vice President of the Association for Intelligence Officers AZ Chapter; the Association for Threat Assessment Professionals, and the International Association Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts. He is a Charter Member of Oath Keepers, and Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.

Dr. Rapacki is most privileged to provide intelligence as a Watchmen to the Christian community nationally, and to write a regular commentary for The Olive Branch Report, an online Christian publication. His commentary is then carried by about 25 additional publications. Check out his book


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PO Box 2825  Prescott, AZ  86302

Watch Dr. Rapacki's interviews on the election fraud investigation: 


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