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JUNE 5, 2022



"The Link Between Cannabis and Violence"

with Officer Joe and Cathy

June 25, 2022 Amateur Radio at Palo Cedro Park
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Yep, there it is, the first reference to cannabis use by Salvador Ramos, the Texas elementary school killer. In the New York Times. Took 24 hours, give or take: And Ms. Rodriguez recalled he would often talk about how much he despised his mother and grandmother, whom he told her did not let him smoke weed or do what he wanted.

From Alex Berenson, author of Tell Your Children: Cannabis causes psychosis. Psychosis causes violence.

This is only one case. Except it's not.

Nikolas Cruz, the Florida high school shooter, was a heavy user and told the police detective who interviewed him that he heard voices. Devin Patrick Kelley - who shot up a Texas church and killed 26 people in 2017 before blowing his head off - had THC in his system when he died. (Kelley had anti-anxiety drugs too; a lot of heavy cannabis users wind up using Xanax or Klonopin to try to tamp down their paranoia.) Darrell Brooks Jr., last seen allegedly racing through the Waukesha Christmas Parade, is a self-described stoner.

Meanwhile, cities like Portland, Oregon have suffered an explosion in violence following the legalization of cannabis. Portland had 16 murders in 2013, the year before voters in Oregon approved full legalization. Last year it had 90. It's on pace to have even more in 2022. It has gone from being one of the safest medium-sized cities in the United States to one of the most dangerous. Denver has seen a similar trend.


Marijuana violence and law- (Thank you Dr.Finn)

DOI: 10.4172/2155-6105.1000S11-014

A Review of Cases of Marijuana and Violence

PubMed Central (PMC)


US Secret Service Mass attacks in public spaces assessment
Note"substance abuse" buried in the report
A Review of Cases of Marijuana and Violence
Marijuana is the most consumed illicit drug in the world, with over 192 million users. Due to the current legalization push of marijuana in the United States, there has been a lack of oversight regarding its public health policies, as marijuana advocates ...
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On May 24, 2022, Salvador Ramos fatally shot nineteen students and two teachers and wounded seventeen others at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Earlier that day, the perpetrator shot his grandmother in the face, severely wounding her. It appears Salvador is likely another mass murderer who used pot. He said he hated his mother and grandmother who restricted his marijuana use.
For over 5 years AALM has been warning about the connection between marijuana use and mass murder. This warning was given to US Attorney General Merrick Garland in March. Our letter received no response. Please refer to exhibit 5 for a list of mass murderers who where also marijuana users. 

In the wake of recent mass shootings and mass murder events, AALM demands toxicology reports of shooters be released to the public.


More Sources:

  • In 2007 the prestigious medical journal Lancet recanted its previous benign view of marijuana, citing studies showing "an increase in the risk of psychosis of about 40 percent."
  • A seminal long-term study of 50,465 Swedish army conscripts found those who had tried marijuana by age 18 had 2.4 times the risk of being diagnosed with schizophrenia in the following 15 years than those who had never used the drug. Heavy users were 6.7 times more likely to be admitted to a hospital for schizophrenia.
  • Another study, of 1,037 people in New Zealand, found those who used cannabis at ages 15 and 18 had higher rates of psychotic symptoms at age 26 than non-users.
  • A 2011 study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) of 2,000 teenagers found those who smoked marijuana were twice as likely to develop psychosis as those who didn't. Another BMJ study estimated that "13 percent of cases of schizophrenia could be averted if all cannabis use were prevented."
  • In 2014, people who had cannabis use disorder made up about 1.5 percent of Americans. But they accounted for eleven percent of all the psychosis cases in emergency rooms-90,000 cases, 250 a day, triple the number in 2006. 
  • The National Academy of Medicine found in 2017 that "cannabis use is likely to increase the risk of developing schizophrenia and other psychoses; the higher the use, the greater the risk." Also, that "regular cannabis use is likely to increase the risk for developing a social anxiety disorder."
  • Study showed cases in which marijuana led to unnecessary violence, health risks, and, in many cases, both. 
  • In a Secret Service study (pg 13) over half of the attackers had a history of illicit drug use and/or substance abuse. This abuse, which included alcohol and marijuana, was evidenced by such factors as the attacker receiving treatment for the abuse, suffer legal consequences, or having significant problems in their personal lives stemming from the abuse.
  • Marijuana and Psychosis


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AALM calls on public officials to release the toxicology reports on all mass murderers.


Below is a shortlist of some of the well-known murderers who were pot users. Most often toxicology reports are not made public. Perpetrators' marijuana use is often discovered via interviews with acquaintances, military records, or some other secondary source. 
Ian David Long Killed 13 people on November 7, 2018, in Thousand Oaks, California, United States, at the Borderline Bar and Grill, a country-western bar frequented by college students. Toxicology later revealed he had marijuana in his system
Nikolas Cruz On February 14, 2018, opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, killing 17 people and injuring 17 others. He blamed his marijuana use for his actions.
Manchester terrorist Salmon Abedi blew himself up and killed 22 in the United Kingdom on 22 May 2017. Abedi was a pot-smoking university dropout.
A toxicology report on Devin Patrick Kelley, who shot and killed 26 at a church in Texas, revealed marijuana. November 5, 2017
Diagnosed with cannabis-induced psychosis, Satoshi Uematsu killed 19 handicapped people in Japan and injured many others. July 26, 2016
Nice terrorist Mohammed Bouhlel smoked very strong weed in high school, and had his first psychotic break at 19. July 14, 2016
Omar Mir Seddique Mateen was an American mass murderer and domestic terrorist who murdered 49 people and wounded 53 others in a mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on June 12, 2016, before he was killed in a shootout with the local police. He was an avid pot user.
Robert Dear, Planned Parenthood shooter, November 27, 2015. He was described as a "marijuana newcomer" by neighbors brought to Colorado by the promise of legal weed.
Noah Harpham, was in mania when he shot three people in Colorado Springs. He had marijuana metabolites in his urine at the time of his death in 2015. 
Eddie Routh, veteran with PTSD, smoked pot the morning before he killed Chris Kyle Chad Littlefield. February 2, 2013
James Holmes, Aurora shooter used to smoked weed behind his apartment constantly. 2012
Jared Loughner killed six and injured many in Tucson, AZ, 2011. He was a habitual pot user.
Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh killed 168 in 1996. He experimented with marijuana and meth.
"Senseless violence and mass murders are in the news and in the minds of Americans once again. Mental health problems are also considered a potential contributing factor. With the dramatic increase in the potency and use of marijuana, senseless violent acts are and will become more and more common." 
- Carla Lowe, President of AALM
"The link between marijuana use and psychosis, depression, and schizophrenia has been known for decades. Yet, the general public is not being informed." 
-Scott Chipman, Vice President of AALM

Child Psychologist Dr. Daniel Amen, was discussing his 30 year research looking at the brain scans of murders. He discussed what happens to the pre-frontal cortex damage suicidal emotional brain.

He said- "Since Marijuana legalized there's a dramatic increase in babies being born marijuana in their system long term problems in brain."


Go to 15.50 -19 minutes   go to 15 minutes


And Laura Ingram's show.. violence and marijuana

Laura Ingraham blames marijuana for mass shootings


Media Matters for America
Laura Ingraham blames marijuana for mass shootings
LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Was it bad information or is this the pro-marijuana bias that we've become accustomed to that's so powerful because billions are on the line with it nationwide? So is the story now irrelevant? We reached out to the Times on this, but they have not responded.

View this on Media Matters for America >


Its not just guns... how about knives?


Author Phillip Drum

"We need to PUSH FOR A SOLUTION when we can get the media's attention

(that is what I was ALWAYS taught as a pharmacist when I discovered an error - give a way to FIX the error, don't just show there is an error and walk away).


We need to push for a national law to publicly disclose within 72 hours of the mass murder event the drugs tested in the suspect. 

- Included in the report must be the names of the drugs tested (which must include cannabinoids)

- the method of testing (hair vs femur blood vs urine vs vitreal humor, etc.) 

- if the suspect is caught days later - a hair sample will be used


"Mass murder is the act of murdering a number of people, typically simultaneously or over a relatively short period of time and in close geographic proximity.[1][2] The FBI defines mass murder as murdering four or more people during an event with no "cooling-off period" between the murders." from: "

See Laura Ingraham's story May 31 on marijuana and mass killings. Thanks to Dr. Rus Kamer for his informative presentation.

Here is the information about the Uvalde killer and his marijuana use from the below article:

"Jocelyn Rodriguez, 19, a Wendy's employee, told The New York Times that when she heard Ramos was the shooter, she was initially shocked, but then less surprised.

She knew him to have a bad temper and to snap at people.

He said he had a tendency to pick fights with co-workers, and would often talk about how much he hated his mother and grandmother, whom he told her did not let him smoke weed or do what he wanted."

We warned Attorney General Garland in our attached March 16, 2022 letter that had the attached exhibits. We got no response from him. This is what we told him.

"Marijuana and Violence

There are many factors that increase violence and gun deaths, but marijuana is one of the most significant factors in crime and violence. Attached are 65 reports of marijuana involved mass violence representing 1000s of deaths and 1000s of injuries. We are sure there are many more. Each incident has an informational link to the relevant reports of how marijuana is involved with the perpetrator's behavior. (Exhibit 5). The perpetrators of mass killings are often marijuana users or used marijuana heavily in adolescence. The Secret Service has reported on this marijuana connection. (Exhibit 6)."


Here is the video of FOX News Dan Bongino's recent interview with Dr. Daniel Amen a Child Psychiatrist. Dr. Amen mentions the brain damage caused by marijuana.


Alex Berenson who has appeared on Tucker Carlson numerous times about COVID has written a book that documents that marijuana causes psychosis and violence. He has discussed this on Tucker's show. 


Read this terrific May 31 article by Bobby Charles

Chronic Marijuana Use and Violence Linked?


Read a great article by Ron Kessler in Newsmax

Blame Legalized Marijuana for Increased Mass Shootings