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NOVEMBER 13, 2022


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"Cannabis Is Infiltrating Our Communities"

with Cathy and Officer Joe

The reality of legal weed in California: Huge illegal grows, violence, worker exploitation and deaths
Photography by BRIAN VAN DER BRUG
SEPT. 8, 2022 5 AM PT
2022 LA Times The reality of legal weed [...]
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9/8/22 LA Times article about the failure of legalized pot to stem the crime spree it creates
These stories were a follow up from the same reporter and she is still digging. Itís a great day when an actual reporter puts pen to paper. We still have many in our communities who are pushing the fiction that selling dope is legal and it benefits our community. Marijuana is still a schedule 1 drug and federally illegal. Anyone involved in that business takes the risk of losing everything. This is nothing more than the exploitation of bad laws and a way for some people to exploit society and get rich. Period. It provides no benefit to the rest of us. Oh, but what about the tax dollars? Those almighty tax dollars donít come close to covering the cost of the crime, environmental damage and human suffering caused by this plague. That price will continue to be paid long after we ha
2022.09.08 LA Times - Nobody knows how w[...]
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Criminally Abused Animals


The organized criminals in illegal cannabis growing areas use bait dogs tied down defenseless to lure dogs from other cartel growing areas to attack and feed upon them. The attacking dogs are then shot or maimed to eliminate their potential usefulness while the defenseless dog is left to die in misery with its mouth wired shut.

Other dogs are left within a cage too small for its body to develop crippled and deformed from the environment forced to live within usually suffering from severe malnutrition and blind from the lack of proper diet.

Shelter for these gravely abused animals is absolutely needed due to the enormous, organized criminals in this area. We simple do not currently have the capacity to provide a loving space for these poor misfortunate loving animals. We do have a building available and need funding to purchase and set up the location to treat and provide a loving environment for these pets to begin the healing process needed for them to trust and remember they are loved again. We ask for your help for "That Place Called Home" for these abused animals.


That Place Called Home

Address: P.O. Box 217 MacdoelCA 96058   (801) 889-6188

Unlike most organizations with a lot of overhead, every penny of your donation will go to benefit the dogs.  There isn't a more grassroots effort than this no-kill shelter and there certainly isn't a greater need for animals affected by these illegal dope growers. 

GiveSendGo - Criminally Abused Animals: The #1 Free Christian Fundraising Site.

We the People Radio note: If you're still supporting the animal rights groups like PETA and HSUS, know that they have never lifted a finger to assist with this tragedy.




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