JUNE 9, 2024 - REPEAT FROM MARCH 10, 2024
"Success is Possible for Addicted Offenders"
with Judge Flynn, Program Professionals, and the Graduate Team
Today you'll meet the people who run the program:
Professional Team:

Judge Dan Flynn
Public Defender Dan Furlong
Probation Officer Delina Brown
Treatment Providers Kim McKinney and Nicole Foote

And the people who have graduated from the program:
Graduate team:

Keith Jackson
Clara Smith
Stephen Walker
Samantha Girdwood


About the Shasta County Addicted Offender Program (AOP)

In January 1995 the Shasta County Court began the Addicted Offender Program, also known as AOP. AOP is designed for repeat offenders who are substance abusers. It is for the individual who has not been able to overcome their addiction utilizing other community resources. It is for non-violent offenders, who have entered a plea to a felony and are on or about to be placed on formal supervision. The purpose of AOP, which utilizes a team approach, is to assist offenders who sincerely want to break the cycle of addiction and become responsible, productive members of our community.

The Probation Department, through its Drug Court Coordinator, evaluates and assesses the appropriateness of individuals applying to the program. The Drug Court Advisory Committee, consisting of the judge overseeing the program and a team of professionals, assess the suitability of the applicant for participation in the program. Once accepted into the program, the Coordinator provides the necessary intensive supervision and case management of these individuals, reporting to the Court and the Advisory Committee on the progress and status of each participant on a weekly, semi-monthly and monthly basis.

The Coordinator works closely with the Treatment Team assigned to the program by Shasta County Alcohol and Drug. Through their efforts and the efforts of the Drug Court Advisory Committee, the participant is provided with the necessary resources, skills, and knowledge to lead a productive life without drugs. The program is, on average, eighteen months to two years in length.