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MAY  7, 2023 "Marijuana - Medicine or Myth" with Dr. Ken Finn, founder of IASIC - International Academy on the Science and Impact of Cannabis
APR 30, 2023 Boots on the Ground - Marijuana Pushback Tips from the Pros" an Activist Roundtable
APR 23, 2023 Cannabis Industry Victims Educating Litigators (CIVEL)" with David G. Evans, ESQ., Senior Counsel
APR 2, 2023 Every Brain Matters - Aubree Adams
MAR 26, 2023 "Psychological Effects of Marijuana" - Dr. Bertha Madras
MAR 19, 2023 "Cannabis and the Law" with Siskiyou Sheriff Jeremiah LaRue  / The World of THC" with Officer Joe and Cathy
MAR 5, 2023 "Support and Hope for Those Affected by Another's Marijuana Use" - Bart Bright, Mar-Anon Founder
FEB 19, 2023 "Johnny's Ambassadors" - LAURA STACK
NOV 13, 2022 "Cannabis Is Infiltrating Our Communities" with Officer Joe, Erin and Bill
SEP 25, 2022 "Cannabis Wars Part 2" with Officer Joe, Erin and Bill
SEP 18, 2022 "Cannabis Wars Part 1" with Officer Joe, Erin and Bill
AUG 14, 2022  Hour 2: "If cannabis legalization were an experiment, it would be halted, declared a failure, and found unethical" - Dr. Stuart Reece
JUL 31, 2022 High Potency Cannabis and the Other Side of Medical Marijuana - with Eric A. Voth MD.
JUN 19, 2022 Hidden War - with John Nores Jr.
DEC 12, 2021  "Cannabis in ALL FORMS takes a Weed Whacker to Your Chromosomes" - Dr. Stuart Reece (this includes smoking it, eating it, hemp products AND also CBD in all forms)
NOV 7, 2021  "The Pied Pipers of Pot: Protecting Youth from the Marijuana Industry" with Pamela McColl
OCT 31, 2021  "Cannabis - Induced Psychosis" - Heidi Swan
JUL 25, 2021  "Where is the Impaired Driving Task Force?" - Phillip Drum, Pharm D 
FEB 21, 2021  "Legal Weed = Rural Crime Wave" with Concerned Siskiyou County Citizens
APR 7, 2019  'More Pieces of the Pot Puzzle" with Dr. Phillip Drum
FEB 24, 2019  "This is Your Brain on Marijuana" with Dr. Libby Stuyt
AUG 13, 2017  "What's the Connection Between Opioids and Pot?" - Dr. Phillip Drum
JUL 16, 2017  "Marijuana Wake Up Call" - Dr. Phillip Drum, Pharm. D.
Cartelville, USA: Americans flee as Cartels take over small town California    CLICK HERE TO VIEW

The threat of cartels can be felt and seen in one part of America more than ever before: Southern California. Small towns in the area have been overrun by gang activity, causing residents to flee. The Daily Caller's investigative team went in the trenches to find out how dangerous the cartels are and why Southern California seems to be a new target. Reporting and Host Jorge Ventura Story and Lead Production Sagnik Basu Drone and Photography Erik Herrera Executive Producer Neil Patel, Richard McGinniss, Sean Moody

THIS is what legalizing marijuana does to our rural areas.  It destroys lives and property values.
  • Where are the homes for the THOUSANDS of growers?  
  • 100% of the "development" you see in these pictures is comprised of illegal marijuana greenhouses.  
  • Zoom in on each picture to see more detail. You'll be shocked.
  • They are using at least 8 MILLION gallons of water EVERY DAY!!!
  • The growers are members of criminal cartels.
  • Most are foreign nationals and NONE of this is legal.
  • Grow sites have mountains of human waste, chemicals and trash.
  • A beautiful rural area has been transformed into an ecological disaster.


Wake up America. This is rural illegal marijuana! NONE of the structures in this picture is a house. 100% of them are illegal greenhouses.