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JANUARY 9, 2011 


Coordination Strategy  
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Today's guest: Fred Kelly Grant, Sylvia Milligan, and Les Baugh

Fred Kelly Grant developed the “Coordination Strategy” now being taught across the nation as a way for local governments to have meaningful input into the federal and state decision making process. This is the single greatest tool we can use to help our elected officials protect our land use from the encroachment of federal agencies. It is not a good tool, however, if they don’t know about it. Forest roads were recently closed in Southern CA because the Forest Service failed to “coordinate” and were beaten in court by environmental groups teaming up with the State of CA. This process can work for or against us. Tea party members who are interested in the many land use issue plaguing us can work wonders by getting this information into the hands of your county supervisors as a starting point..

Fred Kelly Grant
Fred Grant attained his B.A. from the College of Idaho in 1958, majoring in History; with specialization in Constitutional History and Law. He then attended the University of Chicago School of Law. He served as Law Clerk to Chief Judge Brune, in the Maryland Court of Appeals. He first worked as an associate at Lord, Bissell, and Brook; a Chicago law firm representing Lloyd's of London. He continued to practice law in the District of Maryland, where he was an Assistant United States Attorney. He later became Assistant State Attorney of Baltimore, and then Chief of the Organized Crime Unit, State's Attorney of Baltimore. He spent his remaining time in Baltimore involved in criminal defense.

Grant later moved with his family back to Nampa Idaho where he and his wife were both raised. He accepted an appointment by Idaho’s Governor as a liaison with the federal agencies, and eventually served two of Idaho’s Governors in various roles. He has been a hearing officer in zoning issues for over 30 years and has helped cities and counties write land use plans protecting property rights. He works closely with Owyhee County, Idaho where he developed the “Coordination Strategy” now being taught across the nation as a way for local governments to have meaningful input into the federal and state decision making process.

Grant has worked with Stewards of the Range since the early 1990’s as a consultant and the Litigation Chairman. In 2006 he was elected by the Board of Directors to serve as President. July 1, 2009 Stewards of the Range merged with the American Land Foundation creating American Stewards of Liberty. Grant continues to serve as President of the new organization. He lives in Nampa, Idaho.

Sylvia Milligan - founder and Chair “ROC – Recreation Outdoor Coalition”
Sylvia Milligan graduated from Chico State University with honors. She is a retired school teacher - spending 23 years teaching all facets of education. Sylvia is actively involved in the following organizations:
  Chairperson, Recreation Outdoors Coalition
Northern California Region Director
  California-Nevada Snowmobile Association
  Board Member: Sierra Access Coalition
  Member: Shasta County Resource Advisory Committee
  Member: State Winter Recreation Committee
  Alternate member – Recreation Resource Advisory Committee


For the past 15 years, Sylvia has worked with the ten northern California County Boards of Supervisors, elected officials, and both state and federal agencies on recreational issues. She has successfully lobbied for hundreds of thousands of dollars for the federal agencies in northern California. She has also traveled to Washington, DC and the State capitol a number of times to lobby for recreational interests.

Since the beginning of the travel management planning process in California’s national forests, Sylvia has spent hundreds of hours on the ground looking at potential routes to provide sustainable OHV opportunities for the public. She has worked with many individuals and clubs explaining the process and looking at their routes to present to the forests.

Sylvia has arranged countless hours of volunteer support for any type of service needed ranging from trail maintenance to summer-long traffic studies.

Les Baugh - County Supervisor for District 5
CLICK HERE for Les Baugh's background.
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