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FEBRUARY 27, 2011 


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Today's guest: Craig Chenoweth and  Mark Baird




About our guests

Craig Chenoweth

Chenoweth is a rancher (business) whose livelihood is threatened by recent federal and county land regulations that take away his water rights, which is a god given right.

Mark Baird       

Baird is Vice President of Scott Valley Protect Our Water

Chenoweth writes: Iím MORTIFIED at the arrogance of our county supervisors.
Agriculture is the economy of Siskiyou County. The monies we create pay you, the supervisors, and provides for the future of this county.

"Profitable, sustainable agricultural will maintain open space. If you take the profitability out of agriculture, the land will be subdivided and you lose open space." C. S. Chenoweth

The North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, the California Department of Fish and Game and the Resource Conservation Districts have No legal authority. They have lied, threatened and bullied.

What is this sick codependency our Siskiyou County supervisors have in trying to placate these corrupt agencies? Arrogance! Is it because they have had their hand out so long that to say "No" would mean cutting off their noises despite their face?
How can they continue to ignore the deceit and outright lies by these agencies? Why in Godís good name do they want to continue to get in bed with corrupt officials? This is very sick! Our supervisorís judgment is seriously flawed.

Explain why you still keep going back to these sick government agencies over and over again?

Have any these supervisors have ever run a successful business? Especially one the size of this county? Do they understand the fiscal and moral responsibility to the agriculture economy of this community?

This is our money and time that the supervisors are wasting. Would you allow your employees to tell you how to run your business? Government agencies work for us. The RCDs work for us. The supervisors work for us.

Agriculture is the economy of Siskiyou County. The monies we create pay the supervisors and provides for the future of this county.

If the supervisors say they want agriculture to thrive, as we do, then they had better not just say so -- they had better act it. Which means you canít go crawling back into bed with these agencies.

If there is going to be any reform you canít participate with them in any way shape or form. Remember state and feds have lied, threatened and bullied. If you still continue to in this sick codependent relationship, then we will through you out!
If our government does not change its ways then we will not recognize them at all.

We want Reform or we will do away with these wasteful arrogant politicos and the agencies. We are tired of seeing our tax dollars wasted at the whim of Bleeding Heart Bureaucrats.

More government is bad for the environment!

Agriculture is the economy of Siskiyou County. The monies we create pay you the supervisors and provides for the future of this county.

If there is to be a future in this county for our children and grandchildren we must elect supervisors whom understand the fiscal and moral responsibility of preserving the Agriculture community.

It is time we take our county out of the hands of the state and the feds. We need supervisors who understand that Agriculture is and will be the way of life here in Siskiyou County.

It has been through the hard work of generations of farmers and ranchers in this county that has made this the wonderful place that it is today. We shall not jeopardize this quality of life. We shall preserve this land in Agriculture
ďA strict observance of the written laws is doubtless one of the high virtues of a good citizen, but it is not the highest. The laws of necessity, of self-preservation, of saving our country when in danger, are of higher obligation.Ē --Thomas Jefferson

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