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DECEMBER 12, 2021




 "Cannabis in ALL FORMS takes a Weed Whacker to Your Chromosomes"

with Dr. Stuart Reece

Please share this show widely.  People do not know how incredibly dangerous marijuana is for all of us.  When a scientist says it is like "taking a weed whacker to your chromosomes" you'd better sit up and listen.  Birth defects, cancer, early death, and a whole lot more.

About Professor Albert Stuart Reece and Clinical Research

Dr. Stuart Reece is a family physician working in Brisbane in Australia where he runs a large clinic with a special interest in the medical treatment of drug addiction. He is interested both in the underlying pathophysiology of drug addiction – how drugs work in the body and why they are so destructive to long term health – and also in the treatment of drug addiction including its radical cure.

Dr Reece has a long standing interest in cannabinoids particularly as they relate to genotoxicity, epigenotoxicity and chromosomal and mitochondrial toxicity which have downstream effects lasting for multiple generations. For these reasons Dr Reece has published several epidemiological research papers on cannabis-induced genotoxicity as reflected in the incidence of both birth defects and cancer development both in exposed adults and in the offspring of exposed individuals and subsequent generations.

Dr Reece extensively uses advanced space-time statistical analytical techniques and the formal techniques of causal inference to analyze not just associations across space and time simultaneously but also to quantitatively evaluate the evidence for truly causal relationships.

Dr. Reece was appointed and now re-appointed a Professor in the School of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences at both the University of Western Australia and Edith Cowan University in recognition of his many contributions which advance our understanding of the toxicopathophysiology and treatment of drug addiction in general and cannabinoid exposure in particular.

Check out the extensive publications list on the webpage below!!!


Power Point: Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders in America
Results from the 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health: Graphics from the Key Findings Report
2021 Dr Stuart Reece SAMHSA NSDUH 2020.p[...]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [2.1 MB]
Geotemporospatial and Causal Inference Epidemiological Analysis of US Survey and 2 Overview of Cannabis, Cannabidiol and Cannabinoid Genotoxicity in Relation to 3 Congenital Anomalies 2001–2015
Background: Cannabinoids including cannabidiol have recognized genotoxic activities but 37 their significance has not been studied broadly epidemiologically across the teratological 38 spectrum. We examined these issues including contextual space-time relationships and 39 formal causal inferential analysis in USA
2021 CBD Genotox Congential Anomalies MS[...]
PDF File [9.3 MB]
Maternal cannabis use us associated with suppression of immune gene networks in placenta and increased anxiety phenotypes in offspring
2021 Dr Stuart Reece_Maternal Cannabis I[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [4.1 MB]
Cannabis is the Ultimate Snake OIl in a Trojan Horse:

As was recently noted in Lancet: European Region the European continent is subject to a quadruple convergence  of rising: prevalence of cannabis use; intensity of daily use; THC concentration; and detox’s required for cannabis addiction.

Cannabis has been known to be both neurotoxic and genotoxic for many decades.

Recent press reports from France and Germany showing increased numbers of babies born without limbs, a serious birth defect attributed in animals to cannabis since 1969, and in several nations or states in human populations since 2007, is a signal warning to Europe especially since nearby Switzerland has not seen these changes.  Cannabis is increasingly entering the food chain in France and Germany but not in Switzerland.  Unless one is deliberately blind a child can connect these thalidomide-like dots.

Increased cannabis use has been linked in recent publications from our group with exponentially rising rates of autism in USA; with the doubling of serious mental illness in young adults in USA; with all the chromosomal defects tracked longitudinally in USA, with five common cancers in USA; with the commonest childhood cancer acute lymphoid leukaemia thereby proving the heritability of its effects across generations; with driving the 50% rise in heritable paediatric cancer in USA; and with testicular cancer where it doubles the rate of cancer formation; and directly and heritably damages 20% of the human genome.

The news gets worse.  Papers which will soon be published link cannabis with dozens of birth defects in USA and with many common cancers there.

However the above litany of disaster is all relatively good news compared to unleashing cannabis into the food supply where – without people being informed or their consent - genes will be widely destroyed which we known leads to dramatic aging of the whole population and the software (called the “epigenome”) which controls gene expression will be damaged for at least four generations, minimum.

Professor Nutt assertions are grossly in error at every point.

The comments of Claire Foges, Robin Murray and Nicholas Bennett  whilst correct, grossly understate advances in the most recent epidemiological findings.  Cannabis advocates need to be warned that all of the above cannabis-related outcomes are at present relatively rare because cannabis use is rare – as the quadruple convergence accelerates under legalization it has now been convincingly demonstrated that the nightmarish holocaust will descend. 

Professor Stuart Reece,

University of Western Australia and

Edith Cowan University.


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Please look at a study on prenatal pot exposure - further implications

These thoughts are important and the implications of this are far reaching…

Since FDA-registered warnings for both Sativex and Epidiolex and Marinol and nabiximols – all contain warnings against cannabis use in pregnancy, we can safely say that it is officially recognized that weed is genotoxic.

It really doesn’t matter if NIDA – or anyone else - want to say that they found “no evidence”.  There are lots of “wet” and weak and extremely grossly underpowered studies which say the same thing – and we have now shown beyond reasonable doubt that these all carry fatal weakness of being undersized – called officially “underpowered” which makes them irrelevant and they can be happily disregarded.

As commented earlier this week we have studies coming out in coming weeks and months of all the USA cancer data and all the USA birth defects which amply document this.


And this is the really big news, this QUESTION HAS NOT BEEN CONSIDERED:

Given that the cannabis lobby have been forced to acknowledge that weed – and in fact all cannabinoids – are genotoxic – What are the implications for population health in general?”

Do you really think that destroying both DNA and the epigenome (DNA methylation, the histone code and the accompanying mechanistic RNA’s) is a good idea???

Given that DNA and the epigenome is the crown jewels of life can we willingly surrender it to economic forces of mass consumerism???

As we have stated many times now Harvard researchers showed in 2019 that epigenomic

damage directly causes biological AGING.

See: Lu Y, Brommer B, Tian X, Krishnan A, Meer M, Wang C, et al. Reprogramming to recover youthful epigenetic information and restore vision. Nature. 2020;588(7836):124-9.

And these people want to put cannabinoids of every form in the food chain and trash the fundamental molecules of life in humans in a massive population wide uncontrolled trial without telling people and without their consent!!!!!

This whole business is disgraceful and wicked beyond words.

Any other public education campaign is pulling our punches and under-calling their crimes.

Time is too short for such overly – conservative behaviour from our team.


Thanks for reading this,

Stuart Reece




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