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JUNE 4, 2017



Veteran Warriors

Our guest: LAUREN PRICE, YN1, USN,   

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About Lauren


Lauren was born January 13, 1965, in Providence, Rhode Island. She was raised in Seattle, Washington and graduated from Pemberton High School, (Pemberton, NJ) 1986. Lauren graduated from Omega Institute, (Cinnaminson, NJ) with Paralegal Certification in 1987 and graduated with an additional B.S. in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Psychology from Saint Leo University.

Lauren worked eighteen (18) years in the legal profession and after raising her children she enlisted in the U.S. Navy January 3, 2005.Served at a Shore Command until deployment to Iraq, ultimately returning to Shore duty upon her return. She served as a Convoy Driver and Public Affairs Officer for a year in Baghdad, Iraq – February 2007 – March 2008). She served as Intel and Logistics Lead Petty Officer at Defense Logistics Agency, U.S. Central Command and was medically retired from the U.S. Navy January 2015.

Lauren is married to James Price, Senior Chief, USN, (Ret.) and has five (5) adult sons, (3 veterans – 1 Air Force and 2 Army). She has lived in New Port Richey, FL since 2004. Community service interests include:
Guardian Ad Litem, Sixth Judicial District, October 2004 – October 2011.
Pro Bono Child Support Assistance – 1987 – Present
Founder of Veteran Warriors (national veterans advocacy and federal lobbyist)

  • Guardian Ad Litem, Sixth Judicial District, October 2004 – October 2011.

  • Pro Bono Child Support Assistance – 1987 – Present

  • Founder of Veteran Warriors (national veterans advocacy and federal lobbyist)


Our goal is to be the catalyst which forces the necessary

changes to the manner in which the Department of

Veterans Affairs does business with the Veteran.

Twitter: @VetWarriors1

"One Family, One Fight"

"From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remembered-    
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition;
And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day."

William Shakespeare 

For too long, Veterans have received substandard medical care, administrative 
attention and resources because the Department of Veteran Affairs has grown into 
a culture of favoritism, nepotism and cronyism. Veterans are no longer treated 
as heroes, but rather as irritants, bothersome and in the way. 

Our mission is to bring about systemic changes to the manner in which the VA 
transacts business with its only customer - the Veteran. 

~~~~~Goals and Focus of VeteranWarriors~~~~~
To work with Congressional Leaders, Veterans Affairs administration and the Veterans, to bring about necessary changes to the manner in which the VA handles Veterans affairs. To realign, reorganize and redistribute current resources and personnel throughout the Veterans Affairs, to create efficiency, productivity, increase quality of care and benefits to Veterans.   To reintroduce the concept that the Veteran is the purpose of the VA to all VA employees, administration and leadership.  To create and see implemented, a series of changes to the hiring, training and continued employment practices of the Veterans Administration, with regard to Claims and Pension processing, management, and rating decisions.  To create and see implemented a third-party oversight agency which will have the authority to reprimand, penalize and when necessary, terminate Veterans Administration employees for violations of law, policy, instruction or procedure.




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The U.S. Supreme Court has finally put the state courts in their place. The recent decision decimated the states use of benefits as income in family law courts..... In light of this we have created a new Motion to Vacate that any veteran can download and use to get this abuse stopped. If you have had your veteran benefits stolen to provide spousal or child support awards, you need to file this in that court to stop them. The United States is required to pay the spupport for you and your family and the money was given to the states. The only reason they told you to pay was so they could keep the actual money that was for your family.

Click here to go directly to the download page


The motion informs the Court of the Supreme Courts ruling and the declaration the judgements have also been made void by Congress. You are not having to "ask" your state court to void the judgements, they have already been voided. You are simply finalizing the state court requirement to vacate their illegal judgements.

In the brief to the Supreme Court by the founder of Protect Veteran Benefits there were very specific requests to ensure the absolute clairity on the issue.

- That the protections of veteran benefits is the highest priority of the federal government and should not have been questioned

- That the states were not merely in conflict with the federal law but were preempted and explicitly stripped of authority

- That the Supreme Court had already made this issue clear and thus any judge acting in the face of the statute would lose their judicial immunity


This means we get to hold them accountable now. To give you perspective here, we are sharing two sections of the brief that was sent to the Supreme Court and it should give you an idea of how we need to restore the country from this corruption.

-----The Proper Assignment of Culpability-----

The effect of homelessness and 22 suicides a day is being thrust upon at least half a million veterans in the national caseload, “The Story Behind the Numbers”, Child Support Fact Sheet Series Number 1, Office of Child Support Enforcement, Administration for Children & Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,…/…/css/veterans_in_the_caseload.pdf

While this means there are a tremendous amount of cases, it also means there are a tremendous amount of lives to be saved from the effects. All state orders which acted without authority to make benefit decisions to establish support awards are null and void. States are required to complying with 45 CFR 303.100(8) and order the repayment of all wrongfully withheld funds by the entity which filed the garnishments.

42 U.S.C. § 657, OCSE PIQ-02-01, ensures that it is unlawful for the state enforcement agencies to forcefully reclaim wrongfully distributed child support or alimony. Both the veteran and their families have been the victoms. The states have been duely warned they will be held culpuble, Paula Roberts, “New OCSE policy on recoupment of child support overpayments”, Center for Law and Social Policy, available at

States will be forced to look to the true culprits. Three lawyers in a courtroom; one for the petitioner, one for the respondent and one in a robe without jurisdiction. Whether jurisdiction was usurped by accident or intent there is a reason lawyers must have insurance.

It will not be the breakdown of the family that destroys this nation but may be the family law machine of profit and revenue generation. Nationwide an army of reform groups have formed to battle this machine. The movie “DivorceCorp” was produced to bring awareness of atrocious fees and violations of parental rights to ensure continued business. Groups call for reform of the law and demand accountability by the U.S. Courts, see California Coalition for Families and Children. et al v. San Diego County Bar Association et al, Case no. 3:13-cv-01944, 9th Cir.

The justification of judicial immunity for the indipendence of the judicial branch, even when those actions have been confirmed as intentional and corrupt, has been abused to facilitate outright fakery under the artifice of error. The sanctity of family law churches have been used to conseal weapons of mass family distruction.

----------Nurturing Faith in the American System------

The case of Howell v. Howell, 15-1031 (SCOTUS Apr 2016 Conf.), provides an excellent vehicle for this Court to provided detail on jurisdiction just as Barclay v. Barclay, 11-1453 (SCOTUS Sept 2012 Conf.) would have. However, the Petitioner has come to realize the responsible defendants should be identified and in the proper courts.

With this case, the Court can demonstrate, when the right defendants and the right issue of law is identified, then both proper process and prescribed avenues of law prove the system works. This Court should use this case to provide the needed guidance to the U.S. District Courts to make them capable of addressing the vast majority of questions on civil rights and jurisdiction of U.S. indemnity. That to err in the face of manifest violations of sovereignty or the mandatory authority of this Court, will not be tolerated. Thus explaining this Court’s duty for controversies of federal jurisdiction should be focused on writs to U.S. Circuit Courts.

The former spouse defendants must be justly replaced with the defendants history has identified to be the true source of injury, James Ridgway, supra in general. States should be scrutinized with the due diligence that the Petitioner has shown in this case. It must be shown to all Americans, the United States’ Judiciary is the saving grace to hold government corruption culpable.

With this case, the Court has a transcendent vehicle to provide a wide breath of guidance and can long last acknowledge the true foundation of law for veterans’ rig

VA Stories of Note:  May 27 - June 1, 2017

USA Today:  VA still in critical condition, Secretary David Shulkin says - The head of the Department of Veterans Affairs, in a rare White House briefing Wednesday, laid bare the array of problems still plaguing the agency charged with providing health care to nearly 9 million of the nation’s veterans.  Shulkin's revelations marked an unusual strategy for the historically secretive VA — and for the Trump administration — to announce problems proactively rather than react to them after they are leaked to media or revealed publicly through investigations.


Military Times:  Shulkin unveils sweeping reforms for VA programs, operations  - Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin outlined an ambitious reform of nearly every aspect of his often-criticized department during a “State of the VA” address at the White House on Wednesday, calling it a sign of the President’s commitment to helping veterans.  “Many of these challenges have been decades in building and they've spanned multiple administrations,” Shulkin told reporters at the event.


WCBS (CBS-2, Video):  Houses For Patients’ Families Under Construction At Bronx VA Hospital - Life will soon be a little easier for families of veterans who are treated at the VA hospital in the Bronx.  As WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell reported, ground has been broken for two Fisher House Foundation houses at the James J. Peters VA Medical Center.  “The Fisher Houses provide free lodging to all families of veterans and active military whose loved ones in the hospital receiving treatment.”


KTRK (ABC-13, Video):  A Vietnam veteran's comeback story after overcoming life of drugs and crime - He is now the head of the largest veterans vocational program in the country at DeBakey VA Medical Center.  "I'm going to turn over every rock possible to get them hired," Miles said.  Miles has placed hundreds of veterans into the workforce, giving them another chance and hope this Memorial Day.


The Fayetteville Observer:  VA recognized for green efforts - The Fayetteville VA Medical Center was recognized for its efforts in environmental sustainability during a national awards banquet in Minneapolis this month.  The award was one of several for Department of Veterans Affairs facilities during the event sponsored by Practice Greenhealth, a nonprofit organization focused on environmental stewardship in the health care industry.


KPNX (NBC-12, Video):  New VA director: Wait times down to 6 days; immediate visits possible - Eight months into her new job, the director of the Phoenix VA Healthcare System says the agency is making progress to serve ailing veterans in a timely manner.  "It's a lot better than it was and we continue to get better," said Director RimaAnn Nelson.  Nelson is the seventh director of the Phoenix VA in just under four years.


El Paso Times (Video):  Boy and Girl Scouts decorate veterans graves with flags - Thirteen-year-old Itzel Garcia, a Girl Scout, took her time placing small American flags in front of graves Saturday at Fort Bliss National Cemetery.  After each placement, she calmly stepped back and saluted.  The flags fluttered in the gentle breeze.  "Both my daughter and son are scouts.  They wanted to be here because they feel honored to do this," said Jose Garcia, who helped to distribute flags to the scouts.


Omaha World-Herald:  Hundreds turn out for Omaha National Cemetery’s first Memorial Day service - “It is a day of remembrance, a day of giving back, and a day to reflect,” said Chief Master Sgt. Patrick F. McMahon, a senior enlisted leader at U.S. Strategic Command.  McMahon was one of several speakers at the first-ever Memorial Day service at the new Omaha National Cemetery in Sarpy County.  Hundreds turned out for the ceremony.


KUSA (NBC-9, Video):  73 years after he was wounded in WWII, Colorado man receives Purple Heart - He told the staff at the Denver VA Medical Center that he had never received the medal while he was recently undergoing cancer treatment, and one of the social workers reached out to get him the medal.  It was given to him engraved with his name, branch, and dates of service.  “She went through a lot of red tape and so forth,” he noted.


The Florida Times-Union:  Braille flag at Jacksonville VA clinic a message of hope to blind community - Anyone who visits the VA Outpatient Clinic in Jacksonville will notice a new bronze American flag fastened to the wall near the main elevator.  The flag is barely larger than a foot square, but even people without sight can appreciate the gesture and understand the power of its message.