Shows with Dr. Lyle Rapacki
MAR 13, 2022  "All or Nothing"
SEP 26, 2021  "Inside The Final Results of the AZ Audit"
SEP 5, 2021  "Arizona Stands Up" with Julie Wentz
AUG 22, 2021  "Arizona Voter Fraud and the View from the Mountain Top"
MAY 23, 2021  "Arizona Voter Fraud Update" with Dr Lyle Rapacki
FEB 14, 2021  "Arizona Election Fraud Investigation Part 2" 
JAN 24, 2021  "Arizona Election Fraud Investigation Part 1"
JUL 12, 2020  "A Deep Dive into Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the Muslim Brotherhood's Plans to Destroy America" with Clare Lopez
JUN 14, 2020  "The Red/Green/Black Axis Groups and their Plans for Revolution in America" with Clare Lopez
JUN 7, 2020  "The Politics of Chaos"
FEB 16, 2020  "To Trump or Not to Trump"
AUG 25, 2029  "God Bless America Part 2" with Jim Stockstill
AUG 18, 2019  "God Bless America Part 1" with Jim Stockstill
JUL 14, 2019  "The Spritual War Over America" with Jim Stockstill
MAR 24, 2019  "Everything But the Kitchen Sink"
FEB 17, 2019  "National Emergency Trumps Democrat Shenanigans"
JAN 13, 2019  "Barbarians at the Gate Part 2" 
NOV 4, 2018  "Barbarians at the Gate" with Jim Stockstill 
SEP 2, 2018  "The Relentless Assault on the Trump Presidency"
JUN 17, 2018  "Inside National Security and Refugee Resettlement" with Clare Lopez
JAN 7, 2018  "The State of the Deep State and What YOU Can Do About It"
AUG 20, 2017  "More on the 49 Page George Soros Playbook to ‘Take Out Trump’ Just Published By Marxist Attack Group Media Matters" with Representative Mark Finchem, Legislative District 11 State of Arizona House of Representatives
JUN 11, 2017  "It's Time to STOP Talking About Terrorism and START Talking About Islamic Jihad" - Hr 1: Bruce Moran/Security Solutions Technology and Clare Lopez/Center for Security Policy - Hr 2: Dr. Lyle Rapacki
FEB 5, 2017  "Muslim Ban or National Security" - Bruce Moran / "The Anatomy of a Riot" - Dr. Lyle Rapacki
OCT 30, 2016  "Are Americans Ready for Islamists in the U.S.?" - Dr. Lyle Rapacki / Sentinel Intelligence Services and Clare Lopez / Center for Security Policy